Tokyo Games Show: Continuation of the digital format in 2021

Tokyo Games Show event news: Maintaining digital format in 2021 Posted on 3/30/2021 at 3:50 PM, updated 3/30/2021 at 3:52 PM In 2020, almost all shows have either been canceled or turned into a virtual experience . Such is the case with the Tokyo Game Show, which was hoping to unfold normally in 2021. As you can imagine, it won’t.

An essentially digital edition in 2021

The CESA for Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association announced this morning that the Tokyo Game Show 2021 will take place primarily online along the lines of the previous show and always in partnership with Dentsu and Nikkei. This largely virtual event will take place from September 30th to October 3rd, 2021 over four days. Professional meeting places and trade fairs that are in the process of digital change need to think about this aspect. For TGS this will take the form of a special day on September 29th.

A physical space that was announced anyway

Publishers and studios wishing to take part in the show must submit their applications by June 25th. The organizers continue to plan to prepare a room inside the Makurari Messe so that professionals who can overcome the hygiene rules can be on site. However, details of this attempt to offer a physical role are not given as the organizers no doubt prefer to play it safe.

A richer and better thought out remote event

For people who will experience the event from a distance, CESA likely has several things planned. On the one hand, the whole thing is better thought out in advance in order to avoid unpleasant surprises at the last minute. In addition, the organizers will contact the various platforms to be able to provide demos while the tournaments and official presentations have English subtitles. Eventually we learn that paid access is being designed. The latter should offer a virtual tour of the stands and at the same time enable a discussion with the exhibitors. By MalloDelic, writing by MP