Preview of Nier Replicant Version 1.22: Our impressions after ten hours of gaming

Preview of Nier Replicant version 1.22: Our impressions after ten hours of play Posted on March 29, 2021 at 5:07 pm, updated on March 29, 2021 at 5:13 pm After the success of NieR Automata, which was released in 2017, the franchise was highlighted to merit this is now returning with the remake of the first opus: NieR Replicant. For the record, Japan was entitled to two versions of the original game with Replicant, the basis of this remake, and NieR Gestalt, which was released 11 years ago in Europe and the United States. In contrast to the version published in western countries, Replicant tells the story of a brother and sister rather than that of a father and daughter. The opportunity for us Europeans to give us our first opinion on this version, which has long been reserved for the Land of the Rising Sun.

Wake up call

NieR Replicant version 1.22 shows a post-apocalyptic future in which technology has lost all rights. The action takes place 1300 years after our era. Humanity lives in a rudimentary way, in an era with a medieval look. The latter struggles to face the pains and evils of the world in which it wastes, namely: a strange disease and shadows, hideous creatures that sow chaos as they approach the final shelters of humanity. You play as a young man who cares deeply for his little sister Yonah, who suffers from an incurable disease. Your leitmotif will be to find a cure to save them. Terrible shadows will stand in your way in their search, but our hero is supported by three atypical characters, including the bombastic Grimoire Weiss, Kainé, a formidable warrior with raw language who does not hesitate to break the stereotypes of the stupid and tears heroine and finally the young and innocent Emile. Aside from the fact that the family bond between Yonah and our main character is different, the impact on the scenario is minimal. In fact, this version only differs in some dialogues and details in certain cutscenes. If you’ve been on the Gestalt version, don’t expect an entirely different experience. As you have understood, NieR Replicant is a dark and poignant story with unusual and deep dialogues where the theme of death is omnipresent in both the main quest and many side quests.

Why 1.22474487139?

For the little anecdote, you know that the title was christened NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139 … because that number is the square root of 1.5 and for Yoko Taro this number was an expression that the title was neither a remaster nor a remaster is a remake but a “higher version” and we can only agree. While the look of the original title leaves much to be desired for its time, this “superior version”, which is far from surpassing us, does not leave us unsatisfied. In addition to retouching the original game, Toylogic has started over for the visual representation, and this new version pays homage to the original material, from textures to light. The macabre universe of this never has been so pleasant to travel to. From the abandoned village of l ‘Air on the Montagne des Robots, the ruins of an extinct civilization emphasizes the feeling of loneliness and heighten the oppressive aspect of the world we live in. The software offers lush settings that are enriched by the mastery of a play of light and a convincing level of detail. Before the sets, the refined aesthetics of The Characters, as well as the care taken with the animations, make them more expressive and charismatic than before. Also, the emblematic pieces by Keiichi Okabe have been re-orchestrated for NieR Replicant version 1.22 and the software is fully dubbed in Japanese and English, adding to the immersion while enhancing the artistic work of the Toylogic teams.

What about the gameplay side?

Although the atmosphere in NieR Replicant version 1.22 has a place of choice, contemplation is not the primary goal of the software. While the original game relied primarily on the dynamics and staging of its fights, it was unfortunate that one technique should detract from the intensity of the latter. By eliminating aliasing and recurring FPS losses, the title gains in fluidity and ergonomics. The finely tuned battle animations, better managed camera positions, and sleek special effects help us feel the effects of every hit, and the boss fights are all the more enjoyable. As a reminder, NieR Replicant version 1.22 offers an action-oriented combat system at the crossroads of Hack’n’Slash and Beat’em. You have two keys to attack, another to break the enemy’s guard, two triggers to dodge, parrying, and the other two to trigger magical abilities. In addition, the actions assigned to the triggers are customizable. With some combinations, you can perform special techniques. It’s a good idea to vary the gameplay depending on your opponent. Each device offers specific capabilities, from devastating heavy weapons to light weapons that favor formidable and formidable combinations. These can be improved by a blacksmith and materials around the world. As a bonus for loads of weapons, the software offers you spells that you can unlock during your journey to defeat your opponents. Spears coming out of the ground to fire the projectiles, as well as saying that you will have something to diversify your play style, and those who knew the series via NieR Automata or the original title won’t be disoriented. Note that this version introduces an automatic mode where the character will take offensive and defensive actions for you if you’ve played NieR first. If you’ve played NieR first, this mode is no stranger to you, both for the menus and the ATH, something we would have liked to have changed, especially the weapon swap that would have benefited from that of NieR Automata with a tab -System at the bottom left of the screen to be inspired, which favored some immersion. Nier Replicant version 1.22 seems to be keeping its promises and it’s nice to find familiar faces under the aegis of a successful graphic facelift. Despite some technical issues such as display errors and a sometimes capricious camera, which will undoubtedly be corrected with a day one patch a month after its release, the title looks promising. We can’t wait to see the end result of this “superior version,” which promises an enriched experience with something that will seduce early fans as well as newbies. Editorial March 29, 2021 at 5:07:39 pm