Column 5 Things to Know: Xbox # 1 in terms of video game accessibility

Microsoft is perhaps the most active manufacturer on video game accessibility issues. This includes creating an adaptive controller for players with disabilities as well as through various partnerships with associations. Carnbee explains everything in this video 5 things to know.

Adaptive control

Microsoft first developed the adaptive controller for gamers with disabilities. It has buttons and pads that replace the classic buttons, but above all enough to connect various accessories such as buttons, additional joysticks or even pedals so that any player with a disability can customize their playing style.

Cooperation with associations

Microsoft is a partner of several associations, such as CapGame, which campaign for accessibility in video games. Since Paris Games Week 2017, Microsoft has been offering booths that are accessible to players with disabilities. The American giant has already reached an agreement with the CNAM (National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts) to provide a week of video game access.


Microsoft offers many accessibility options on its console. There are options to enlarge the screen, narrator and subtitle options. You should know that Xbox includes a lot of accessibility features in its first-party games, such as: B. Filters for color blind. Microsoft isn’t the only one offering these options. Sony also offers them for most of its AAAs released this year.

Accessibility also in the boxes

When it comes to disability and accessibility, every detail matters. Microsoft has developed boxes from its Adaptive Controller Box that disabled gamers can easily open. This applies to both the adaptive controller and the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S boxes.

People with disabilities in video games

Microsoft also insists on representing people with disabilities directly in their video games. Lately there has been Bleeding Edge where some characters sat on futuristic wheelchairs. But Microsoft has also implemented a new avatar system with which you can equip accessories. This is why there are also wheelchairs here, but also prostheses. These are very small things, but players feel a little more involved. SEE THE OTHER VIDEOS “5 THINGS TO KNOW” By Wuzi_, writing by MP