The perfect mix between GTA and Cyberpunk 2077?

The GTA-like “top view” in a cyberpunk universe, Glitchpunk, was announced last February. The game revealed a little more in a trailer this weekend. It particularly shows its gameplay. Tiraxa returns to it on this last day of the day. The game Glitchpunk, inspired by GTA 2 in a top view in a cyberpunk universe, was announced last February. We embody an Android whose program is the victim of a “breakdown”. The developers Daedalic Entertainment (Torchlight II) presented a new trailer this weekend, which shows a particularly nervous gameplay.

Gameplay details

This trailer shows a mission against three factions: orderly fanatics, an anarchist biker gang and Android rebels, together with the police. A modular system will unlock certain skills such as dash, invincibility or teleportation. It will be possible to hack certain elements of the landscape and even people on the street. After all, the scenario would have several possible branches. Check out this afternoon’s newspaper: The PS5 As You’ve Never Seen It Before