Call of Duty: Warzone – SBMM Warzone location threatened with closure?

Call of Duty: Warzone Game News – SBMM Warzone Site About to Close? Posted on Mar 29, 2021 at 7:40 am To get data on the level of players in a lobby, the SBMM Warzone site may close its doors soon, according to a notice from the site administrators. SBMM is short for Skill-based Matchmaking, in other words, a system that allows players of a similar level to be placed in the same lobby. A system that is used in particular in Call of Duty in general, but its use in Call of Duty: Warzone remains unclear. The Battle Royale does not have ranked games. It is for this reason that the SBMM Warzone site has made it its mission to use the Activision API which centralizes a certain amount of data regarding the players so that they can learn more about the other players present in the game in their lobby that is a situation Activision obviously doesn’t like. The company has asked its attorneys to notify the SBMM Warzone administrators of the need to close their website. Accordingly, the Call of Duty Warzone Terms of Use do not allow third parties to use the Activision API as this would compromise data protection. SBMM Warzone would have tried reaching out to Activision several times to establish a partnership with no success. Because of this, the site has officially communicated on the situation and has asked its community to come forward to make a difference and Activision staff to contact the platform’s management. The website would therefore have until Monday to comply with the terms of use. Prosecution could then be initiated if SBMM Warzone is still accessible. Activision’s lawyers have contacted us and asked us to close Due to their terms of use, we cannot use their API. We tried to reach them several times to become partners. Now is our last chance. Let anyone who works at Activision contact you. (…) After the letter we received, we have until Monday to adhere to it. They want to ensure their players’ privacy, which is great. By becoming a partner, we can guarantee their confidentiality and give the Warzone community the stats it deserves. We can’t wait to find a solution that works for everyone: Activision, Warzone players, and us. Most importantly, we don’t want to let the community down, who have relied on us to track Warzone games. We previously stated that we would be willing to understand the requirements for working with Activision and make any improvements / changes needed to become a partner. We are ready to start anytime. (…) If we can’t find a solution, please contact us for a refund. Thank you again for your support, because we need you more than ever. About Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War: By MalloDelic, journalist MP