5 Must-Have In-Engine Followers – The Trailer: This essential means of communication

Page Dossier 5 Inevitable In-Engine Trailers Posted on 3/28/2021 8:55 AM After reviewing five inevitable CGI trailers, let’s take a look at the in-engine trailers. Of course, here too the selection is completely selective and reflects the taste of the author of the dossier. Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments which are your favorite in-engine followers.

Batman Arkham Knight

This Batman Arkham Knight trailer is based on its lush graphics and based on the scarecrow’s speech, which serves as a thread. The video mixes gameplay sequences, an overview of Gotham, passages in the Batmobile (the new and – also – central element of this opus) and a fleeting representation of the characters and deliberately leaves the Arkham Knight in the shadows, which we can quickly see at the very end Beginning. A smart choice for a great video in more ways than one. Batman will have to face some of his ghosts

Mass effect 2

With Crescendo, the trailer for Mass Effect 2 manages to present the threats and problems of this sequel within two minutes. Served by the very emphatic Heart of Courage track from Two Steps From Hell, the cut follows the ramp-up perfectly through skillfully selected sequences (some from the end of the game) and gives this launch trailer an incredible aura that hasn’t lost its strength for 10 years after its creation. The trailer for Mass Effect 2 is still a model of this type to this day

Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II was overtly cinematic and used an almost photorealistic image. It didn’t take CGI to highlight its incredible universe. It is not surprising that the trailer here, supported by the seriousness of its soundtrack, evokes the greatest westerns through its situations (access attack, bank robbery, drive in the great outdoors …) and of course its characters, who make this video iconic and wonderful their punchlines. Red Dead Redemption II has nothing to envy of the biggest westerns, and so does its trailer. Those and those who have already played Skyrim know: long before the adventure begins, it is its main theme, Dragonborn, which fascinates thanks to its Gregorian chants or the power of its percussions and wind instruments. This track gives an epic dimension to this trailer that navigates the beautiful environments of Skyrim to better focus on the battle between our hero and a dragon, the central character of this episode. For those who doubt it, the Skyrim trailer shows how important the choice of music is

Tomb Raider Underworld

Although the Tomb Raider Underworld trailer uses a few cutscenes to briefly introduce the protagonists (including the return of Jacqueline Natla), what sets it apart most is its nifty and elegant transitions, which lead Lara to take on some of the game’s settings run through. The gathering, embellished by the very cool Gorecki of the Lamb group, distills grace and energy to highlight the plastic of the title, its mythology and the sporting prowess of the beautiful. Lara Croft reconnects with her past in Tomb Raider Underworld