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Page File 5 unmissable CGI trailers Published on 03/28/2021 at 8:55 am To conclude this article, a quick look back at five unmissable CGI trailers. Although most of them are a few years old, thanks to the quality of their production or the unique atmosphere they have not aged a bit. We’ll let you tell you what your favorite CGI videos are in the comments and remind you that some trailers (especially Blizzard’s) are there not out of desire but out of a lack of space.

Assassin’s Creed II

It’s difficult to choose from all of the trailers in the Assassin’s Creed series, each of which is as brilliant as the other. Brotherhood, Syndicate, Black Flag, all of them were entitled to CGI honors. However, that of Assassin’s Creed II remains one of the most important in my opinion for two reasons. The first is that he has the difficult task of presenting the replacement for Altaïr, the charismatic protagonist of the first episode. The second is that it must also highlight the new period of the game, as well as the place of action, in other words Venice. Suffice it to say that in both cases he successfully achieves his goals. If you go for a minimalist soundtrack (understand that unlike other trailers in the series like Revelations or Unity, AC II prefers ambient noise and dialogue), the video will find the perfect tone that invites us, one Assassin follow through the streets of Venice until he fulfills his contract. This trailer uses an excellent image that alternates between Venetian references (ball, St. Mark’s Square …) and codes of the series (acrobatics, secret blade …), and fulfills its function perfectly shading the face of Ezio to give a touch of mystery to preserve. Ezio records the torch in Assassin’s Creed II For those who disagree with this choice, we remind you of the fond memories of the CGI trailers from the other episodes:

Dead island

The very quiet music of this trailer, which radically cuts the content of the game (no pun intended), will have played a big role in its notoriety, as well as its upside-down gathering from the death of the couple and the child (someone else’s) taboo here too informing them that no one is safe from the zombie threat) until they arrive at their hotel. This dichotomy (both between the visual and the sound aspect and within the soundtrack itself, which constantly alternates between melodic piano pads and guttural zombie moans) gives this trailer a very distinctive identity, as the effect and the associated violence are increased tenfold . A pure masterpiece that mainly focuses on the threat we are facing and not the possibilities of gameplay or even the location of the action, although the adventure begins exactly in the hotel that we see in the trailer. Dead Island does it backwards

Two ex: human revolution

The trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (presented at E3 2010) is interesting in several ways. Starting with a parallel to the myth of Icarus (and with it information about Adam’s personality), the video presents in a very precise way the atmosphere of the game, as well as its main character and some of its abilities (which ‘it will be possible to exploit during the adventure). He also manages to tell a double story within three minutes: that of a company in 2027 that revolves around innovation but is in the grip of social unease, and that of Adam Jansen, who doesn’t know exactly where he’s at should stand in this chaos. A small marvel of engineering and staging, supported by a soundtrack that plays crescendo and has found the perfect balance between artistic vision and more pragmatic vision by relating to what the player can discover and do in the game. Two ex: Human Revolution plunges us into its one cyberpunk universe

Final Fantasy XV

The Final Fantasy XV Omen trailer is worth more for its artistic qualities and editing than what it tells when it knows it remains terribly cryptic. In itself, this is a good thing as we remember that a trailer has to be exactly what makes people want to discover more while showing as little as possible. Although it represents certain elements of the upcoming game (Noctis, Lunafreya, the kingdom of Lucis, certain enemies …) it is in fact mainly its construction that plays with space and time over a very close game, which is interesting especially since it is supported by the epic endlessness of Really Slow Motion. The omen trailer of Final Fantasy XV can be wonderfully combined with the representation of the universe and the upcoming gameplay

Star Wars The Old Republic

While we could have gone back to many other videos (including Blizzard), we’ll end this small, highly subjective selection with the trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic, “The Betrayal”. Although this video dates back to 2011, it has lost none of its splendor and remains a true piece of anthology for any fan of the license. The video introduces the game’s new antagonist and features a cohort of Sith in a superbly staged deadly ballet against numerous Jedi. Note that the MMO repeats itself afterwards with another absolutely superb CGI video that is even closer to the short film than the simple trailer. The Jedi fall under the Sith