Nintendo / Niantic, Genshin Impact, Discord / Microsoft: the business news of the week

Nintendo / Niantic Business News, Genshin Impact, Discord / Microsoft: The Business News of the Week Published 3/28/2021 at 9:44 AM, updated 3/28/2021 at 9:45 AM Studios, Financial Reports … if these topics interest you, you are in the right place. We’re bringing you an update on last week’s business news, particularly marked by the record earnings from Genshin Impact and the rumor of a buyout from Discord.

Nintendo and Niantic visit Pikmin again in augmented reality

New applications that combine Niantic’s augmented reality technology with Nintendo worlds will emerge. The first franchise to be affected by this new partnership between the two companies is Pikmin. The application “designed to make walking more fun” will be rolled out worldwide later in 2021. The title is developed by the Tokyo branch of Niantic The American company behind Pokémon GO, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite or even Ingress. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, the goal is “to give people a different experience than traditional games.” And to add: “We hope that the Pikmin and this application will become a partner in your life”. For Nintendo “this partnership could be a way to respond to investors who regret that (the company) didn’t make a lot of money with smartphone applications,” said Bloomberg-quoted analyst Hideki Yasuda of the Ace Research Institute. The Japanese manufacturer has launched several mobile games in recent years, including Super Mario Run (2016), Fire Emblem Heroes (2017), Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (2017) and Mario Kart Tour (2019), albeit modestly are sales share: 330 million euros with total sales of 11 billion euros in the period from April to December 2020. Thanks to Pokémon GO, Niantic generated more than one billion dollars in the first ten months of last year. 2020 was the game’s most lucrative year, turning five in July.

Heading for a Microsoft Acquisition of Discord?

Discord reportedly wants to be bought out, and Microsoft is said to be close to closing the deal. The rumor, first published in the VentureBeat and Bloomberg columns, is backed by the Wall Street Journal, whose sources report that the “exclusive” negotiations between Microsoft and Discord are at an advanced stage. The acquisition could thus be booked for a sum of more than 10 billion US dollars as early as April. The price for a platform with 140 million active users. After purchasing LinkedIn in 2016, Microsoft has in recent months expressed its desire to build a mainstream social network, particularly by looking at TikTok and Pinterest. Discord is valued by gamers and appears to be a primary target. Also, keep in mind that the platform is now based on Google Cloud. If Microsoft bought it, it could move to its own cloud infrastructure, Azure, an important operation in this highly competitive market.

Pokémon, the most lucrative franchise in history

$ 100 billion. That’s the whopping amount the Pokémon franchise has generated since it was born 25 years ago, according to Safe Betting Sites. Pocket monsters are right at the top of the list of the most lucrative franchises in history, ahead of Hello Kitty (84.5 billion), Winnie the Pooh (80.3 billion), Mickey Mouse (80.3 billion) and Star Wars ( 68.7 billion). Thanks, of course, to video games (more than 350 million copies sold worldwide), but also thanks to numerous products and derivative works: cartoons, cuddly toys, trading cards, films … After the success of Pokémon Sword / Shield (more than 20 million) the license will end on April 30th with New Pokémon Snap, but also with the Pokémon Sparkling Pearl / Sparkling Diamond remakes at the end of 2021 and then with the open-world game Pokémon Legends: Arceus returned to Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

Genshin Impact: Already $ 1 Billion Generated

According to estimates by analyst Sensor Tower, Genshin Impact’s iOS and Android players have spent more than $ 1 billion since their release on September 28, 2020. A number that therefore ignores PC and PS4 players. PS5, where the title is The Chinese studio miHoYo is also very successful. No other mobile game has reached this milestone so quickly (6 months). For comparison: it took Pokémon GO 9 months to generate the same sales. Genshin Impact is free and regularly welcomes updates and new characters obtained through random draws. A particularly lucrative “gacha” model: Hu Tao’s March 2nd performance raised $ 12.9 million in a single day, almost as much as the $ 15.1 million earned on February 3rd thanks to the Publication of Xiao were collected. China leads spending at $ 302 million, or 30% of total sales, ahead of Japan ($ 278 million) and the United States ($ 189 million). It should also be noted that the majority of its sales are made on the App Store (60%).

Tencent stronger than Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation

Tencent remains the world’s largest video game publisher by revenue. In 2020, the Chinese company had video game sales of 20 billion euros (+ 36% over a year), slightly more than the 19.2 billion euros from PlayStation, which was a record for the entire industry so far. An achievement that is mainly due to the catalog of mobile games: For the second time in a row, the MOBA Honor of Kings generated more money than any other mobile game in the world. In terms of active players, it remains number 1 in China. PUBG Mobile is the most popular mobile game in Western markets for the second year in a row. It has just passed a billion downloads outside of China, where it is being adapted under the name Game For Peace. The two versions combined generated more than $ 5 billion, including $ 2.7 billion in 2020 alone. The Chinese internet giant, thanks in particular to its messaging services WeChat and QQ, continues to remind Tencent to expand internationally by operating in studios invested, be it with minority stakes (Dontnod, Bohemia, PlatinumGames …) or direct acquisitions (Funcom, Digital Extremes …), while several partnerships are forged in well-known franchise companies such as Call of Duty: Mobile, Pokémon Unite …) to work. According to Nikkei Asia, Tencent would have spent $ 12 billion in 2020 to invest in 163 companies, all sectors combined. Also Read: Tencent: The Story of a Chinese Video Game Giant With an Insatiable Appetite

Amazon opens a new studio

Despite the difficulties encountered so far (Breakaway break, Crucible discontinued, New World postponed, etc.), Amazon continues its video game development efforts. The American giant has announced the opening of a new studio in Montreal, in addition to studios in Seattle, Orange and San Diego. It will focus on creating a new AAA license. Among the founding members we find alumni from Ubisoft and in particular the Rainbow Six Siege team, including Luc Bouchard (Production Manager), Xavier Marquis (Creative Director), Alexandre Remy (Product Director) and Romain Rimokh (Content Director). The studio’s first title will therefore be – unsurprisingly – an online multiplayer game. “After our eight years of experience with Siege, we’re excited to start from a blank page and leverage the freedom Amazon offers us to create a unique experience. When we first met, we were sensitive to their strategic vision Long Term and In the breadth of their technical expertise. We couldn’t be more excited to create a studio together, “commented Creative Director Xavier Marquis on the occasion.

Briefly in the business news of the industry

Terraria has sold more than 35 million copies. That’s 5 million more than in April 2020, while The Long Dark has sales of 5 million. With the addition of Xbox Game Pass subscribers and copies distributed for free on the Epic Games Store, the survival game has registered a total of 8.5 million players. 4 million copies have been sold on Steam alone as it’s known to be available for PS4, Xbox One, and Switch as well. 2K has taken over the video game division of HookBang that becomes Visual Concepts Austin. The studio plans to “employ hundreds of developers” specifically to support the development of NBA 2K games. THQ Nordic founded the Ashborne Games studio in the Czech Republic to create a new license in the RPG / strategy genre and support the development of Comanche Ikumi Nakamura, former creative director of Ghostwire Tokyo, plans to open her own studio and to create an unprecedented license. 2020 was a banner year for Razer, breaking the billion dollar (1.2 billion) mark for the first time. More business news for the week of March 22nd By Clementoss, writing from MPTwitter