Focus on the In-Engine Trailer – The Trailer: This essential means of communication

Page Dossier Focus on the in-engine trailer Published on 03/28/2021 at 8:55 AM Before being released, every video game has to go through a long communication process that is sometimes difficult to establish. What should you show the players? When should it be shown? Finding the golden mean while creating envy without showing too much is not easy. The trailer remains an indispensable advertising medium in the world of cinema, series and video games. Demonstrative, puzzling, balanced, energetic, every trailer fulfills a function, whether with the game engine or in CGI. Today we’re going back to in-engine followers to understand what problems editors face, what stages they are created at, and what tools are used. Accompanied by Focus Home Interactive, we have looked into all of this since the French The company has been kind enough to open its doors for us to answer any of our questions. Previous page file summary. Next page