Dofus: Multiple balances in update 2.59

Dofus game news: Multiple credits in Update 2.59 Posted on 03/27/2021 at 10:13 AM, updated on 03/27/2021 at 6:03 PM Announced some time ago, Update 2.59 from Dofus recently revealed. In a dedicated stream, Ankama presented the class and object balances that are to be carried out. First, Ankama advises that the beta of this new update will start on March 30th and should last a month. Then we were treated to new details regarding class realignment. By then we knew for sure that the Sacrier was going to be mended, but we didn’t know the names of the others. In the new information communicated to us, we note that in addition to the Sacrier, the changes will affect the Huppermage, the Sram and the Xelor. Here’s what Ankama tells us about them:


Reduce the stats of the passive to reduce the overall offense and defense. Overall, reduce the victim’s power in PvP without changing their interest in PvM too much. Slightly reduce the placement capacity of others and severely limit the offensive or defensive accumulation effects of elemental or useful spells with an already powerful passive spell. The class has many potential “counters”, but also many “counters” to guard against: minimize that ability to protect yourself or to react to some lesser-used spells too easily


Decrease the offense and ability to deal great damage too easily. Among other things, restore lines of sight on multiple spells to prevent the Huppermage from hitting too easily without receiving anything in return. Still, reduce the maximum damage potential of the path thrust damage, lowering some elemental combinations that are currently too profitable. Readjust the AP / MP retreat values ​​to get a better balance between the spells they use. Element builds


Reduce the omnipotence of the Sram in solo PvP by influencing PvP and team PvM as little as possible. This includes a downward re-evaluation of its erosion and placement / inhibition capacity. Thrust damage route


Reduce the placement ability of the Xelor to very long distances without having to move or use large cooldowns. Reduce the force of the trail of fire. Thanks to the nerf of the Forgelave Dofus, you can improve the gameplay of the other Elemental Lanes in PvPDu at the same time. Make the payout modes less important in this game mode and revalue certain less used spells. Improve the “anti-gravity” tools. Last December, an update of the objects made it possible to rebalance. However, it seems that some of them still need to be revised. In Update 2.59, three elements in particular can be rebalanced. These are the Pestilence of Corruption, the Forgelave Dofus and the Ebony Dofus. Pestilence of Corruption: Pestilence has recently been completely postponed by players. From the meta she had created, it was shunned due to its legendary power that had become too unprofitable to exploit. However, Ankama believes that it will remain an excellent cloak and will encourage it to be useful in certain builds. To this end, the damage done by the poison is increased. Dous Ebony: After suffering the same type of nerf as the pestilence, the item is considered too unprofitable by some players. To fix this, the poison damage is increased. The goal is not to make it too useful for all classes so that Ankama doesn’t affect the loading and application mechanics. Dofus Forgelave: Here the bonus granted during the last update is problematic. In 2.59 this Dofus becomes less “anti-class” and “anti-monster”, but offers homogeneous effectiveness from one enemy to another through a maximum accumulation of effects. However, its usefulness against push damage-oriented characters will be improved. Finally, Ankama introduced the Suggestion UI, which was first announced for 2.58 and will also be included in this update. The aim is to guide the players during their session by offering them up to six activities at a time. These proposals change with each connection to provide a variety of tasks. However, they can be renewed manually. By MalloDelic, journalist MP