Deathloop: An “indie game on an AAA budget” for this future banned PS5

Deathloop Game News: An “AAA Budget Indie Game” For This Future Exclusive PS5 Posted 03/27/2021 @ 3:58 PM, Updated 03/27/2021 @ 5:59 PM Temporary PS5 Exclusive To Consoles Despite The Bethesda Acquisition through Microsoft, Deathloop, which is also expected on PC via Steam, is slowly approaching its release, which is scheduled for May 21st. On the fringes of AG French Direct, the developers of Arkane Studio spoke in detail. An interview that was obviously granted to our colleagues at ActuGaming, the organizers of AG French Direct. The opportunity to receive new statements from Sébastien Mitton, artistic director, and Dinga Bakaba, game director. First, the two friends were interviewed in the explanatory video published for Deathloop, the task of which was to clearly explain the principle of the game. A complicated exercise because there could be the idea of ​​a very (too?) Complex game and the developers didn’t want to reveal too much: DB: At the beginning we had the idea of ​​making a bit of a mysterious game, so we don’t want everything explain and ruin everything. But it’s hard to present such a game. We don’t want to reveal too much, but at the same time we want to show what’s cool. (…) We also made sure not to say too much. (…). In the AAA world, people are more used to explaining things in a very square and very marketing-oriented way, and we got closer to that of an indie game on an AAA budget. (…) As a player, I don’t like trailers, not even in the cinema. I like to discover and to be surprised. For example, I loved Death Stranding’s marketing campaign. When we knew what Death Stranding was, we weren’t far from releasing it. According to the logic of the answer, ActuGaming asks the developers to present their game in a few words. Dinga Bakaba blocks the term “murder puzzle”, but Sébastien Mitton quickly recalls Columbo and the Cluedo to indicate that “it’s a kind of Cluedo where Columbo is the murderer!” DB: (…) We are the assassin and face an impossible assassination attempt. We have to do a whole investigation to understand how we can be successful. We say it is impossible because we have a time warp: for four periods of the day we will choose one of the four districts in the morning and once we get there we will take our time to do what we need to do. (…) The role of Juliana, the other character who runs simultaneously with the players on the map, is mentioned. We learn, for example, that a principle of voice chat has been considered, but the team currently prefers communication through gameplay, a principle “à la Journey”. Plus, playing Juliana is more of a playful pleasure than anything else: DB: Killing Colt isn’t really a goal, it’s the pleasure of invading someone. For example, I can scare him all the way without attacking him. or why not help him and cooperate a little, throw him a gun that will disappear … He is a very mysterious character (…) On the technical side, the interview allows Arcane to remember that the title is on adaptive 4K and 4K targets 60 fps on PS5, but also that DualSense has been built into the experience. Sensations of pinching guns, pulling the trigger, walking, etc. Obviously, the new architecture allows for much faster loading times and the display of many elements: DB: We used to have to cut a lot of things like viewpoints, NPCs, and even levels in half. It’s pretty rough, but this time we have more freedom, even if there is a big optimization job to do, as we aim for a good frame rate, but that doesn’t come at the expense of gameplay or the artistic aspect. Sebastien Mitton and Dinga Bakaba close their interview by answering a question about the game’s soundtrack, with the final trailer highlighting a very musical theme 007: SM: There won’t just be James Bond as we’ve developed a whole range of themes, but we are in this grain of the 60s, with some impressive work by our audio director Michel Tremouiller with his composers who work from home. We can expect a lot of nice surprises, we have a lot of themed themes and others that give the game the color of the enemies. Then there are all exploration triggers, combat modes (…). Pre-order Deathloop at FNAC By MalloDelic, Journalist MP