PS5: The next exclusive game is coming to you soon

The future exclusivity of the Playstation 5, Returnal, is getting closer and closer. We learn that the game, which is scheduled for April 30, 2021, has officially got gold. The development is therefore complete and should not be postponed. SuriPlay comes back to this in this daily newspaper. The next exclusive product for Sony’s ninth generation console is about to be released. Returnal is a game from the makers of Alienation and Dead Nation, Housemarque. This is a 3D shooter with rogue mechanics. We follow the misfortunes of an astronaut whose ship has just crashed on a mysterious alien planet. Our arsenal will grow over time to be able to break monsters in peace.

Right in time

The game has therefore officially become gold. This designation means that the development of the game is now complete and will be released on April 30th as announced. An affirmation that is good at a time when shifts are lengthening and have almost become the currency of choice. Back 4 Blood has just announced that it will be postponed. By Wuzi_, writing from MP