Preview Nobody Saves the World: Drinkbox (Guacamelee) returns with a crazy action RPG

Preview Nobody Saves the World: Drinkbox (Guacamelee) returns with a crazy action RPG. Posted on 03/26/2021 at 8:00 p.m., updated 03/26/2021 at 8:00 p.m. Guacamelee Achievements, Drinkbox Studios returns with a new project just announced during the ID @ Xbox showcase: Nobody saves the world . This time, leave the Mexican lands of Luchador Juan and make way for the magical lands threatened with misfortune. A threat for which you are responsible. But as the title of the game suggests, you are nobody and only through transformations can you make a difference. Dungeon crawlers, Metroidvania, platform game … There’s no denying that the Canadians at Drinkbox Studios love to take on new challenges. And after the very good Guacamelee 2, it’s time for the team to unveil its new title: Nobody Saves The World, an exploratory action RPG that draws inspiration from Zelda and a certain Diablo. Everything served with humor that is as effective as ever, as well as a colorful and eye-catching artistic direction. We had the opportunity to try everything for about an hour and chat with Graham Smith and Ian Campbell, co-founders and lead game designers on the project, respectively. Here are our impressions without further ado. Preview Conditions As part of this preview, we were able to test Nobody Saves The World remotely and for a little under an hour. It was saved about 30 minutes after the adventure started. Graham Smith and Ian Campbell from Drinkbox then answered our questions for a quarter of an hour. Nobody Saves the World – Announcement Trailer

“Lord lonely, I’m nobody”

As mentioned above, in Nobody Saves The World you literally don’t play the role of anyone: some kind of pure white baby who hasn’t spoiled life and who can only give meager blows. Fortunately, you quickly collect a wand that can be used to power change your shape. These shapes form the heart of the title’s combat and synergy system (more on that later). Drinkbox informed us that the game will have about twenty in total, with transformations as crazy as an egg, a turtle, or a horse. On our side, we got to have fun with the rat (melee), the cleanup (with a bow removed), and the mage (melee and summoning animals). Not all of these forms will fall on you. Not all raw in the mouth. To get them, you will have to upgrade your character by completing a series of quests. As part of this preview, we mostly had access to secondary missions, although Nobody Saves The World will obviously contain main missions for the scenario. These additional objectives have the advantage of being carried out naturally during the exploration phases, sometimes even without reading the diary dedicated to them. The whole thing may seem disgusting (we find a lot of “killing such and so many enemies with such and such an attack”), but this is not the case in practice. And all the better because these quests are the focus of the game: They therefore allow you to acquire new forms, but also to improve them with new attacks, to unlock items important for your adventure and to increase in general (more) health, mana, damage , Speed, etc.).

The art of getting in shape

But before we go any further, let’s take a look at these famous shapes that are undoubtedly the main argument of Nobody Saves The World. Because in addition to the absurd pleasure of playing an egg, each transformation has three major, unique attacks that can be useful in certain cases. For example, shortly after the game starts, a certain type of attack (blunt, poisoned …) must be performed to break the enemies’ defenses. And of course not all forms have the same potential for attack, and it will be necessary to adapt to the situations. However, Drinkbox made it clear that the game’s various dungeons (randomly generated and twenty-five with main crypts – dedicated to your task – and minor crypts) generally revolve around some kind of attack. It’s not bad because the transformation in the workplace is clearly not the most practical, especially with twenty transformations in the long run. Nobody saves the world – start of the demo in advice (gameplay) However, from a certain point in the adventure you have the opportunity to mix absolutely all the characters’ powers according to your wishes and even get passive advantages, for example, your speed or your strength. Nobody saves the world seems to contain a sacred system of synergies so that the player can have his character freely (with a maximum of four attacks). We haven’t had the chance to try this ourselves, but this system could work to the detriment of either form, for what’s the point of switching from one to the other when we can have the best of all worlds in a single transformation? Drinkbox Studios did not expand on this point, but did explain to us that certain areas of the menu (labeled as varied and “fairly large”) require a certain shape, e.g. B. the flooded, the swimming creatures are reserved. The developers will also ensure that players’ curiosity is piqued with quests that only trigger under certain characteristics.

Care and exploration

With all these possibilities, Nobody Saves The World meets all the criteria of an ambitious indie game on paper. And that’s not all. Drinkbox Studios informed us that after about an hour of playtime the game card will open and exploration is free. This way, the player can come across colorful characters that we got a glimpse of during our session, with well-felt dialogues and a design reminiscent of certain cartoons from the early 2000s. Main dungeons that we mentioned above. They will also ask for certain items to be opened that can be obtained by completing quests. The secondary cellars aren’t outdone either, and Drinkbox heralds a personality of its own for each, like a gingerbread house, a lazy greengrocer, or even a UFO crash. Suffice it to say that it promises a personality that we saw during our previews as well, for the sets as well as for the universe or the characters. Without forgetting the enemies, their number and especially the loot – very present – will remind you of the Diablo games without difficulty. Also note that each dungeon has a unique boss, that the feedback from the battles seemed more than correct, and that the different characters were balanced. Balance is also the big challenge that awaits the developers at Drinkbox, who still have a lot to do to make sure that all these pretty people are on an equal footing. But it shouldn’t last forever: Nobody will save the world will be on Xbox Series X in 2021 | S, Xbox One and PC land (day one in Game Pass). And we can’t wait. Nobody saves the world – We test the ranger and the magician (gameplay) Our impressions This little hour in the company of Nobody saves the world made our mouths water. In addition to sporty humor and an artistic flair that is more neat than ever, the Drinkbox Studios (Guacamelee) seem to offer an impressive wealth thanks to their combat system, which consists of around twenty forms, from the most classic to the craziest. Eventually, the player will even be able to mix the forces of this colorful cast to develop the best strategy in dungeons and a world that appears rich and vast. Our only caveat is about the balance between all of these shapes and whether they are always highlighted after several hours. On this point, Drinkbox wanted to be reassuring. We just ask to see. Journaliste March 26, 2021 at 8:00 p.m.