Pokémon GO, Rayquaza Shiny: how to defeat and capture it in raids Our leader

News tip Pokémon GO, Rayquaza Shiny: How can you defeat and capture it in raids? Our guide Posted on March 26th, 2021 at 8:20 pm On the weekend of March 27th and 28th, Rayquaza is back in 5-star raids on Pokémon GO! Here is our complete guide to defeating and conquering it in 2021.

Rayquaza’s Pokémon GO Stats: Everything You Need To Know

Raid Boss CP Count: 49,808 Rayquaza 100 IV CP Count: 2191 for a level 20 normal encounter. 2739 for a Weather-Enhanced Pokémon. The more you reach for these numbers, the more likely your Rayquaza will be perfect. PVP and Raid Performance: In PVP, Rayquaza XL can be used in the Master League, but hey, it’s not a must either. His stats are far too insulting for him to shine at this level. There are a few Dragon Pokémon better than him in raids right now, but when Mega Rayquaza arrives he won’t have any competition. Do not miss the master of the skies, he will soon be indispensable. Weaknesses: Rayquaza is a Flight / Dragon-type Pokémon. He is therefore weak against the types Dragon, Rock, Fairy and especially Ice. Why “especially ice cream”? Simply because Rayquaza has a double weakness for this guy. So here you have to enter the priority.

Which Pokémon should be used to defeat and catch Rayquaza in a raid? List of the best counters

Note that this list was made using a fairly complex combat simulator, so it is very reliable. Mega-Blizzaroi (powder / weather ball), Darumacho de Galar (fangs Frost / avalanche), Mammochon (powder / avalanche), Frost (ice breath / avalanche), Dimoret (shards of ice / avalanche) Mewtwo (psycho / laser cut ice); Lippoutou (ice breath / avalanche); Pola grips (powder / ice fist); Artikodin (ice breath / ice laser) You have it, you just have to swing your best Pokémon with an ice attack. Even a great kyurem with Blizzard does the job for example. We didn’t add the Dark Pokémon as they are very expensive to upgrade. However, if you have a good Dark Mammochon or Dimoret, don’t hesitate. First of all, you should know that the weather boost is achieved by windy weather. With this you will encounter a Rayquaza at level 25 instead of level 20, but it will be more complicated to beat. The only really favorable weather for the attack is snow, but hey … March could be a little hot (no pun intended). Beware of partially cloudy weather that increases Ancient Power!

List of Rayquaza’s attacks on Pokémon GO and how they affected your raid

Quick AttacksCharged AttacksDraco-Tail (Dragon) Airblade (Flight) Wrath (Dragon) Aeropic (Flight) Ancient Power (Rock) Note that once Rayquaza is caught but not fighting, Rayquaza receives the Violent Wind Exclusive Attack. The fearful attack here is Ancient Achievement. Since the rock type is very efficient over the ice type, most of the better counters can be a bit mellow. But hey, Ancient Power isn’t a very powerful attack, it doesn’t affect the list of best counterattacks. Just keep bombing the ice type. Let’s also talk about Wrath, Rayquaza’s most powerful attack. A good anger always makes big holes, no matter which Pokémon is in front of you.

How many Trainers does it take to beat Rayquaza on Pokémon GO?

Rayquaza has the privilege of having a double weakness and can very easily be smashed in duo if you have the best tokens at least level 40. For the best players, we therefore recommend only getting 2 or 3. If you have a little less experience you have to come at least 5 or 6! Also Read: Full Guide to Pokémon GO By -LecHad-, writing from jeuxvideo.com MP