Glitchpunk trailer: 2D GTA-like cyberpunk makes the powder talk

Announced last February, Glitchpunk is a 2D GTA-like model with a cyberpunk universe. Behind this amazing marriage is Daedalic Entertainment, a German developer and publisher responsible for Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun and Torchlight II, among others. Today the Glitchpunk team unveiled a new trailer that makes it possible to have some images of this playable title in top view. Obviously very nervous, Glitchpunk presents a mission against three groups, to which the police join. The balls pop from everywhere and after the confrontation, Dark Lord introduces the game’s progression system. This allows players to unlock new skills and passive effects. Finally, the developers quickly evoke the ability to pirate certain elements of the scenery and a multi-branch scenario. The title is expected to be released early in June. By MalloDelic, journalist MP