Outrider: The list of trophies and achievements is available

News tip Outriders: The list of trophies and achievements is available. Published on 03/26/2021 at 8:30 p.m., updated on 03/26/2021 at 8:30 p.m. A few days before its release, Outriders publishes its list of trophies that we present to you in our complete guide. On the eve of its release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Outriders reveals its list of trophies and achievements to be found in the game. We bring them to you in our complete guide to Outriders.

Bronze Trophies (32)

In the middle of a nightmare

Wake up to the dark new era in Enoch’s story.

Providence hero

Kill Gauss in the solar power plant.

Desires and wavelengths

Find out the direction of the signal source.


Kill Scurlock

Break the seal

Open the door that leads out of the forest.

It is not easy to be a father

Defeat Yagak in Utargak.

Descent to Hell

Discover the origins of the Indians.

Relic of the past

Complete the quest line “A Little Story”.

Hand of death

Complete the “Wanted Notice” questline.


Complete the Hunter quest line.

A heavy toll

Complete “Legacy of the Outrider”.

Urgent mission

Complete a side quest.

Overtime in the morgue

Kill 3,500 enemies.

With a snap of your finger

Deal 1,000,000 total damage.

Ten of the

Kill 10 enemies with a maximum interval of 2 seconds between each kill.

Coup de grace

Kill an enemy hit by 4 or more different status ailments.

The shock of the changed

Kill 5 elite enemies using only skills.


Kill 1000 enemies during expeditions.

Main quality

Use a skill that has been enhanced with 4 different modifications.

Upside down

Kill a total of 50 enemies with melee skills.

Luck favors the brave

Reach character level 10.

Impending storm

Unlock a class tree node.

Beyond the hurricane

Master a branch of a class’s class tree.

Business knowledge

Sell ​​300 items.

The misfortune of some …

Disassemble 300 pieces.

Real potential

Use craft to improve the rarity of 15 items.

Ingenious technology

Use craft to replace 10 item modifications.

spoils of war

Equip a legendary item.

Good streak

Collect ore from a deposit 30 times.

Power through knowledge

Fill out 150 journal pages.


Complete all levels of 4 class-based raids for each class.

Already done, already seen …

Reach level 10 raid.

Silver Trophies (7)

One-way ticket

Prepare your truck for entry into the forest.


Complete 25 side quests.

Goodbye humanity

Reach character level 30.

Almanac of the inventor

Unlock 125 unique weapon and armor mods to craft.

Legacy of Enoch

Only equip a character with epic or legendary items.

For the story

Complete 300 journal pages.

Outrider, first class

Complete all class-related forays for each class.

Gold Trophies (4)

Last chance

Lower the capsules.

On all fronts

Complete all side quests.

Angel of Death

Kill 7,500 enemies.

Everything done, everything seen …

Reach level 20 foray.

Platinum trophy

“Avant-garde of humanity”

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