Monster Hunter Rise Gameplay: Calamity Quest Overview

On the occasion of today’s release of Monster Hunter Rise on Nintendo Switch, we invite you to discover one of the new features of this opus: the Calamity Quests. In the style of tower defense, the calamity quests are designed to protect the doors of a fortress from successive waves of monsters by installing hunting machines (cannons, ballistae …) in certain places. It is also possible to go straight into close combat to attack with your weapon and use the “counterstrike signal” which greatly increases our damage when activated. The quest presented here is conducted in multiplayer mode and faces hordes of Khezu, Tetranadon and other acnosomes before a superior Arzuros arrives in the final phase of hostilities. Remember that there is a demo of Monster Hunter Rise available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. The game is also planned for PC (Steam) in early 2022. Read our review on Monster Hunter Rise by Clementoss, writing from MPTwitter