Kojima (Death Stranding): His new game “very soon” revealed?

Game News Kojima (Death Stranding): New Game Revealed “Very Soon”? Posted on 3/26/2021 at 10:16 AM Since Death Stranding was released in 2019, Hideo Kojima’s community has known that the creator is working with his team to prepare a new project. Speaking to Al Hub Media, Kojima Productions Artistic Director Yoji Shinkawa said frankly, Well, I’m definitely doing something and I can tell you that we can probably announce it very soon. Comments discovered by VGC. In October 2020, Kojima confirmed that he was working on a new project and recruiting for his studio in Tokyo. A few weeks after the November 2019 release of Death Stranding, the creator had also shared their desire to achieve “the scariest horror game”. Many then began to think that the man wanted to bring his own Silent Hill to life. Some time later he stated that a “big” project had been canceled without ever naming a name. Details are therefore missing for the time being. Actor Norman Reedus doesn’t seem ready to leave the Japanese developer’s entourage: “We’re in talks to do other things,” he said in March 2020.

“I feel a lot of affection and affinity for the PC”

Anyway, Kojima’s final words suggest that his next production won’t miss the PC box. The port of Death Stranding in July 2020 had benefited from graphic improvements, an impressive photo mode, 6 additional small delivery missions and a collaboration with Half-Life, among other things. In an interview with publisher 505 Games, Kojima says: When I started in this industry, I was working on PC games. It took me a while to start making console games so I feel a lot of affection and affinity for the PC. Games are made on the PC after all. But PlayStation players and PC users are a different market, and the reason Death Stranding is coming to PC is simply because I want as many people as possible to be able to play it. What I’m most proud of is that we created and optimized the PC version ourselves. This is something that is generally outsourced so it is a point of pride for us. Before we get into the PC gamer satisfaction difficulties described as “rather chatty and insistent about the games”. From Tiraxa, writing from jeuxvideo.com MP