CTCR: A Resident Evil ranking for this best of!

CTCR Game News: A Resident Evil Leaderboard For This Best Of! Posted on 03/26/2021 at 6:30 PM Sponsored by PlayStation-FR CTCR, this is your show dedicated to PlayStation news! Accompanied by his band and his good mood, Donald Reignoux looks back on the latest PS4 and PS5 information. Rounding up this latest March best of CTCR is a seductive trailer for Life Strange True Colors. On September 10th, this new narrative experience will bring us to Haven for an adventure that promises to be rich in emotion. Then comes a Classico something special as it is played on superhot and causes some big hiccups. Don’t panic, Sylvain is there to cheer up the troop with his leaderboard dedicated to the Resident Evil saga. A chance to laugh in good company! Watch the entire show on LeStream Replay. Your next adventure is on the PS Store!