Balan Wonderworld: The list of trophies and achievements is available

Balan Wonderworld Tip News: The list of trophies and achievements is available. Published on 03/25/2021 at 8:30 p.m., updated on 03/25/2021 at 8:30 p.m. On the eve of its release, Balan Wonderworld reveals its list of trophies that we present to you in its complete guide. On the eve of its release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC, Balan Wonderworld reveals its list of trophies and achievements to collect. We present it to you in the complete guide to the Balan Wonderworld.

Bronze Trophies (31)

Storm survivor

Complete Chapter I.

Marine friendship

Complete Chapter II

Friend of insects

Complete Chapter III

I fly !

Complete Chapter IV

Sylvan triumphs

Complete Chapter V.

Feline companion

Complete Chapter VI

Young equists

Complete Chapter VII

Love, finally

Complete Chapter VIII

Naked feelings

Complete Chapter IX

Perfect painting

Complete Chapter X

Zero for a day, always hero

Complete Chapter XI

In everyone’s eyes

Complete Chapter XII

Balance restored

Defeat Lance

General repetition

Wearing a costume for the first time

Master of the Secret

Obtain a first statue of Balan

It’s raining, it’s wet

Get a first drop of rainbow

The Tims snack

Give a drop to a Tim for the first time

Big drops

Get over a thousand drops in one act

Passion for costumes

Get yourself twenty costumes

Obsession with costumes

Get fifty costumes


Populate the Île des Tims with thirty Tims

The luck of being on time

Unlock the Tower of Tims


Play all mini-games from all chapters

Hello ancestor

Discover the statue of the Elder of Tims


Defeat a Negati for the first time

Portal pass

For the first time, defeat a Negati guarding a Negaportal

Five in a row

Defeat five negatis in a row

To remember

Meet with a member of the escaping force

In the wings

Going backstage for the first time

Aspiring artist

For the first time on stage

First battle

Play the Battle of Balan for the first time

Silver Trophies (13)

Play in three acts

Complete each Act III

Balan is a happy clown

Obtain all of the golden balan statues

Balan is a very happy clown

Obtain all of the multicolored balan statues


Populate Tims Island with a hundred Tims

Legendary Tim

Give birth to Ul-Tim

Non-stop negativity

Defeat a thousand negatis


Defeat an Infiniti Lance

Multiply the lance

Defeat a Multiplication Lance

Lance Quantiti

Defeat a Lance Quantiti


Defeat a Lance-Nessi


Defeat an ectoplasm

Distinguished Artist

Perform at all levels

The succession is assured

Complete all Balan battles with the rank “Fabulous!” Off. “”

Gold Trophies (2)

Complete cloakroom

Obtain all of the costumes

Tic toc

Complete the Tower of Tims

Platinum trophy

A theater off the beaten path …

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