Thymesia Trailer finds a publisher and is coming to the PC this year

Its aesthetic is inevitably related to From Software productions, but this is a game developed by a previously independent studio, OverBorder Studio: Thymesia. Indeed, the game has just found a publisher. Thymesia is an action RPG with a very scary atmosphere and technical fighting and has been in development for several years. Probably at the end of the year it will now be officially released by Team 17, to whom it owes the Worms series or Overcooked 2. This partnership between the publisher and the Taiwanese developer OverBorder Studios will ensure the correct output and role-playing distribution. In a world ravaged by the plague and death, you play as Corvus, a mysterious character who can fight with plague weapons. He will of course also have a skill tree that will allow him to get stronger as the game progresses. The different possible builds and the different endings available should ensure some replayability for the title. Thymesia will be available on PC in late 2021. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter