The trailer for Chivalry 2 teases the map of the tournament grounds

Announced seven years after its first episode was released at E3, Chivalry 2 will be released on June 8th. Currently in closed beta, the game is unveiling its Tournament Grounds map. Chivalry 2 is a medieval fighting game that can be played online across platforms with up to 64 players. To keep players who didn’t secure their spot in the closed beta more than two months before the game’s release, Tripwire Interactive is teasing a map that hosts team deathmatch games: Torunament Grounds. As the name suggests, this card brings players together in places where tournaments (races, fights) are usually held in the presence of an audience. Surrounded by stands, of which we do not notice much, it will contain a huge open space in its center that does not appear to have any covers or bypassed paths. To give it a try, you have to wait for Chivalry 2 to release on PC. PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series on June 8, 2021. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter