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DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part II picks up where the first expansion left off. This DLC is designed to bring the Doom Slayer’s adventures to a satisfactory conclusion. The first part was not flawless, but it was still a pleasant experience. To close this epic, id Software seems to have put the small dishes in the big ones, as this second part has been freed from the complaints of its predecessor. After the Dark Lord’s incursion, the Doom Slayer is tested to gain access to Immora, the capital of the underworld, and to face the embodiment of absolute evil in a ritual duel with an uncertain outcome. The time is no longer for talking, but for an outbreak of nameless violence. Like Fate in 2016, this second installment minimizes storytelling to focus on what the license does best, the incessant and frenzied shootings. Part II of the Old Gods uses three well-known biomes to bring its tournament to the stage. The steppes therefore take the form of forest areas where vegetation and medieval buildings mix. We are also returning to Earth to find a city that has been retaken by men. So leave the reddish hues and the ubiquitous flames, nature takes back its rights and the Doom Slayer meets groups of scattered and disorganized demons. Finally, Immora, the capital of the underworld, is on the right line of the sequences that have already been encountered in these locations since the license was restarted. This capital becomes a formidable battlefield here, where the fate of all humanity is at stake. If we don’t notice a major visual novelty, we still appreciate the efficient level design of the id software shooter. Phases of platforms and arenas follow one another smoothly. These always offer unforgettable collisions and always leave the hunter a way out that can use his mobility to be constantly on the move. No unwanted fog here that leads to frustrating clashes. All fights are exciting and well designed. The player must always use effective and varied tactics in order to survive. Each archetype of enemies has their strengths and weaknesses, so they must choose the weapon that is best for each situation.

If I had a hammer …

We notice the appearance of five new enemies based on already known monsters. So we discover barons in armor asking to explode the ball they are holding before they can drop their life points. The classic Imps come in a new type that is protected by a stone skin. It will therefore be necessary to use a secondary shot from the shotgun to get rid of it. Howler zombies empower nearby enemies when they die. Elite soldiers see their shields become invulnerable to the plasma rifle, forcing the hunter to bypass them. Eventually, the Cursed Prowlers cast a curse on the player who gradually loses his health while his eyesight is impaired. We feel id Software’s desire to put smaller enemies back in the spotlight. It is therefore necessary to be wary of any little goblin when it comes to being overtaken in a few moments. Without revolutionizing the formula, these additions to the already extremely complete bestiary offer more technical and dense games than ever before. Once all the enemies are presented, all id need to do is give the player various combinations to force him to use all the strategies available to him. It all ends with an honestly exciting final battle that should give the marauder’s critics a cold sweat. The Sentinel Hammer appears on the Arsenal page. You can hit the ground with this newcomer to stun your opponents. This allows you to time it to restore your spirits or chain demons. This mass interacts with the hunter’s other equipment and allows him, for example, to extend the freezing time of the ice grenade or increase the flamethrower’s armor waste rate. A clever addition that gives a very good feeling of power without upsetting the clashes more than necessary in favor of the player. The Andrew Hulshult / David Levy duo, who already officiated in the first part, return and sign a score worthy of the series. It is very logical that the capital of the underworld, Immora, inherits the most striking musical theme. Double pedal, guttural screams, we dive very quickly into the atmosphere and can only greet the resumption of the torch of this duo. The musical color of the series is respected here except for the letter and it would be wrong to complain about it. If you may need a little less time to complete this second part than the first, it is mainly because its difficulty is much better calibrated here. Unlike The Ancient Gods: Part I, this expansion features a few minutes of quieter gaming before you jump in the hard way. The course is generally smoother, but difficulty levels keep popping up to remind you who’s the boss. Notes + positive points It’s still so beautiful. It’s always so fast. A well-proportioned difficulty. Very fast pace. The Sentinel Hammer that helps to delay the collisions without making them too easy. The additions to the bestiary are relevant. A very qualitative OST. An exciting final battle -Negatives A small short (4 to 5 hours playing time) ID software offers an unforgettable end to the epic Doom Slayer. By clearing the bugs from the previous expansion, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods, Part II features the most complete games in the series. The new enemies are very well integrated and create new, well thought out challenges. Apart from its lifespan, which is explained by its release model, this new content has nothing to envy of the base game and closes the saga of the Doom Slayer with verve. Journaliste March 24th, 2021 at 19:36:00 Readers ‘opinions (5) Read readers’ opinions Give your opinion on this game!

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