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Puyo Puyo Tetris, the first name, made the bet of combining two of the most effective and popular video game puzzle games into an explosive mix. If the formula turned out to be solid, it was hard to see what new features this second part might bring. Should the owners of the first episode return to the cash register? Puyo Puyo Tetris is the amazing marriage between the two greats of the puzzle. Two games whose logic and design perfection lead to frenzied games between the participants. We are of course not going to inflict the affront of explaining the principle of Tetris, but let’s get back to the opposite. Puyo Puyo asks the player to align or superimpose 4 small blobs of the same color to make them disappear and earn points. The whole thing about this title is that the combos are essential. It’s impossible to get a decent score or cause significant damage to your opponent without making three or four convincing drops of the little animals. Those fun basics are still exhilarating, and the whole thing is especially addicting. The fundamentals of this gameplay are grafted with many variations through different game modes. This basis was already very solid in the original. So why change the formula? It seems that this is the developers’ reasoning as the two titles are not very different. We find a more classic adventure mode that alternates phases of delusional dialogues that have little interest since the title’s interest lies elsewhere. Young Ringo, a fan of Puyo Puyo, sees her daily life disrupted by the arrival of Tetris players from another dimension. This absurd and somewhat tense exchange serves as a pretext for many clashes covering all of the available game modes. We therefore choose our missions on a world map and gradually open up new areas, nothing new under the sun. If this mode is not fundamentally original, it has the advantage of offering extensive content, French subtitles (which was not the case in the previous work), and a progressive challenge for players looking for solo content.

Game modes you can’t do anything with

Aside from the content, Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 has some spare parts to offer and it is probably its greatest quality. It is particularly generous in offering players many opportunities to compete. The only problem is that most of this content was already available in the first episode. A total of 7 game modes are available. This is how we find the traditional versus, which opposes two players who send each other blocks or blobs of Puyo. When a player’s screen is completely filled, the game ends. As in the first episode, everything is very well balanced. While Tetris players benefit from the speed at which they can send blocks to their counterparts, Puyo players have access to devastating combos that saturate the enemy screen in a split second. The variant “Exchange” changes Puyo Puyo and Tetris at a regular pace. The exercise is a lot of fun because the players have to “plug in” their brains differently from phase to phase. The “Group” mode shows objects to be triggered by completing a line or a specific area of ​​the screen. Like a Mario Kart, you can use these objects to send dirt to your competitor. Limited vision, inability to rotate its Tetris parts … Simple but effective. In the “Fusion” game, Tetrominos and Puyos fall at the same time, forcing players to look at their builds completely differently. It is therefore necessary to relearn the specific rules for this mode. For example, the tetrominos destroy the gray puyos sent by the opponent and pass among the colored ones. Reserved for experienced players who aren’t afraid to break their little habits. The Big Bang requires players to solve preset puzzles as quickly as possible to earn points. The player who has collected the least sees his life take a blow. The sequences follow one another until death occurs and there is only one left. This type of game emphasizes speed and precision of execution more than reflection and has the advantage of speeding up the games. Challenges, as the name suggests, include solo challenges, such as achieving a defined number of points in a very short amount of time or using puyos of reduced size, which significantly increases the number of potential combos. Very classic again, but we won’t spit in the soup, additional content, it’s always nice. A quick tour of Talent Battle mode The real novelty of this episode is the Talent Battle mode. Players form a team of 3 heroes, each with their own power, and choose equipment to increase their life meter, the number of “junk” puyos they send to the opponent, and so on. So it will be possible to heal in the middle of the game, to make a series of blocks appear waiting for a line to form a Tetris, to break off his last move … The idea is welcome and adds a very pleasant and energetic tactical Overlay added. the confrontations. In this mode you can also compensate for the clashes between two players of different skill levels if necessary. This allows a novice to inflate his life points to double that of his opponent or to improve his attacks. A welcome idea that players of all levels can use to compete against each other. Challenges aside, all modes are playable online and with multiple people on site, which gives the title a potentially infinite replayability. Ratings + Positive PointsTwo timeless games in a perfect gameplay, of courseMany game modesMany possible configurationsThe “Talent Fight”, a great way to balance the games between players of different levelsA consistent adventure modeA fantastic game in local multiplayer modeNegative points to return to The cash register, if You are in possession of the first episode. Tense dialogues in the adventure Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 is a generous game with timeless and relentless game mechanics. Because of this, it is undoubtedly a must-have for anyone who enjoys playing puzzle games. Only these had certainly already cracked for the first part. Does the mere addition of Talent Battle mode and its tactical capabilities justify the return to the cash register? Everyone will be a judge. However, if you don’t have one either and are craving a puzzle, give it a try. Everything is good. Journaliste jeuxvideo.com March 25, 2021 at 19:41:00 Readers’ opinions Give your opinion on this game!