Nintendo eShop: Download Monster Hunter Rise from Nintendo eShop tomorrow

Nintendo eShop Game News: Download Monster Hunter Rise from Nintendo eShop tomorrow. Published on 03/25/2021 at 6:33 pm. Sponsored by Nintendo, sharpen your double blades and reload your cannons. The action RPG Monster Hunter saga is coming to NIntendo Switch tomorrow with Monster Hunter Rise, an exclusive episode that is also available for download on the Nintendo eShop. On the program: an epic adventure that you can experience alone or with others, and dozens of titanic monsters that you can track down in a world that is open to exotic panoramas! Discover hundreds of games in the Nintendo eShop!

Accessible gameplay for monstrous content

Kamura, a small village inspired by Japan of yesteryear, needs you! The calm of its inhabitants is indeed threatened by a new invasion of monsters led by a legendary beast. Fortunately, in the purest tradition of Monster Hunter games, some intrepid hunters propose to protect the village and put an end to repeated attacks by these enemies, each more voracious than the other. Help them wherever you are on your Nintendo Switch! Monster Hunter Rise follows in the footsteps of Monster Hunter World and will delight fans of the Capcom franchise and newbies alike. This new episode benefits from a very fluid and even more accessible gameplay that allows the uninitiated to easily orientate themselves and quickly enjoy the Rathalos hunt, be it with the Joy-Con or a Pro Controller. Exploration is also at the heart of the experience that this component offers and that will satisfy the most adventurous of you, determined to unveil all the secrets of the world of Kamura!

Chase the natural, it comes back to the Rathalos

But in order for fans of the saga to be sure, Monster Hunter Rise is not suitable for novelty and challenges, especially thanks to its rich bestiary of creatures with unpredictable behavior. In total, you can hunt no less than 34 monsters, including 11 new ones like the imposing Magnamalo. New weapons and armor are also part of the game, each with their own handling and advantages. However, the big novelty of the game lies in the filoptères that allow you to move in the air or take control of monsters. Overall, they offer very vertical and dynamic combat. It is finally even more fun for many and especially rewarding. On Nintendo Switch, up to 4 players can meet on site and online to roam the beautiful but dangerous regions of the village of Kamura and hunt wild prey. Good communication, impeccable collaboration and careful equipment selection are all required to return to any part of the many dangerous missions in the title menu. If you’d like to try the game before embarking on the adventure, you can download a free demo from Nintendo eShop. With this you can complete the basic training, take part in four different quests (two of which can be played in co-op mode), try out the 14 weapons in the game and fight against your first monsters equipped with your Filoptera.

The best news is on the Nintendo eShop

As with Monster Hunter Rise, there are currently many other unforgettable productions waiting for you in the Nintendo eShop. A catalog that you can search in the Nintendo eShop application on your console or directly at this address (on mobile devices and browsers). Use the search engine and the various associated filters to find the games that suit your tastes but also your budget. There are regular offers for a selection of games in different genres!