Crash Bandicoot on the Run: How can you tweak your playtime to advance faster? Our leader

News Tip Crash Bandicoot on the Run: How can you optimize your playtime to move forward faster? Our Crash Bandicoot Guide just landed on your phone! Here you will find all of our tips to optimize yourself completely from your first few lessons. You most likely know the endless runner genre from Subway Surfers. But like Super Mario Run in its day, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! manages to reinvent the formula quite a bit by mixing the endless runner with some kind of resource management role-playing game. We explain everything to you. Without further ado, here is our guide to optimizing your time, the cravings of most mobile games!

What is Crash Bandicoot on the Run? The basics of the game

It’s not super complicated. They have to be performed in different maps to collect resources. You can use these resources to craft items that can be used to unlock new cards. Basically, that’s what it is about. The thing is that right at the start of the game you will find yourself with the ability to build a whole range of different items, quite a diverse range of quests, the ability to join a team, and many other things. You get lost easily. This is what this article is for: Which modes need to be prioritized? We will answer this question right away.

Forget about the story mode and rush to Wumpa Island

After completing the tutorial, do not try to go through Story Mode at all costs. As with all freemium games, the key is to recognize the “limiting factor”. Here it’s the resources, whether it’s ingredients like bark, mushrooms and other berries, the result of your farming (we think of eggs especially) or the mechanical parts that allow you to improve your machines. There is only one place in the game where you can harvest resources: the various small islands on the world maps. At the beginning only Wumpa Island is available. Try as fast as you can and run until you empty it completely. Do not go into the “story” mode (ie the little boss fights that unlock power gems (second limiting factor)) only after all of your resources have been used up. You will see it easily, there are small indicators next to each resource on a map. For example, in the screenshot above, my Turtle Wood is full. I can and must go there to get all of these resources into the red as soon as possible. The sooner it is done, the sooner there will be new ones. Don’t forget the challenges! On each archipelago in the Multiverse there are a number of 3 challenges that must be completed once a day. These challenges are especially tough races where you can win more cosmetic rewards than anything else. If you have the time and inclination for a little challenge, do it every day. If you’re lazy, that’s fine too. With game mechanics inspired by Clash of Clans, the Game Hub is a base full of different machines that turn your raw materials into items that can be used in story mode. Let these machines run as often as possible. Even if you already have everything you need, you produce. Better yet, produce the most expensive resources possible. It is never lost, we promise you that. Always have a good supply of a little bit of everything handy and you will save a lot of the frustration the mission computer has to go through (this is where you fight bosses and their minions). Purple crystals, a virtual currency that can be bought without virtual money, should only be used for one thing: to buy skins. Skins are the only items in the game that can only be obtained by paying with real or fake money. Every now and then as you complete quests, level up, or watch an ad, you can still scrape off some free crystals. Be very frugal and don’t beat them up anywhere other than something that will benefit you in the long run. Like almost all free mobile games, Crash Bandicoot on the Run should be approached with patience. The developers want to play with your frustration to get you check out. Here the company behind the development is none other than King, creator of the huge Candy Crush saga. They are frustration experts, don’t be fooled. Feel free to approach the game and play it in small doses two or three times a day. A small step in the morning, a small step in the lunch break and a small step in the evening are enough to be very well optimized. And the quests in all of that? You will always have to complete a series of 3 small quests which, when completed, will unlock a resource reward and access to the next 3 quests. Keep an eye on it, but don’t focus your playtime on quests. Generally they are done on their own. A little advice can be useful here. Each series of 3 quests should accompany a section of the mission computer, ie a series of 4 minions and then a boss. If you see yourself moving to the next section without completing your 3 quests, you may need to re-orient your gameplay around them. A large gap between quests and missions will ruin your optimization as, for example, it will ask you to craft two different types of resources. In terms of the race for survival, it is of secondary importance at the moment. Yes, it brings great rewards, but these rewards will only unlock after a reasonable amount of time. On top of that, survival races are pretty confusing and require a ticket and you are in the worst mode in the game here. We recommend that you only do a race or two when you run out of options. Doing something else that your team is about to win and you really want to play a few more minutes. All of our guides on Crash Bandicoot on the Run By -LecHad-, written by MP