The story of the seasons, a good start: what to do on the first day Our leader

News tip History of the seasons, a good start: what to do on the first day? Our guide In Story of Seasons: Pioneers of the Olive City is easy to get overwhelmed at the start of the game. Today we bring you our tips so you don’t get lost in our complete guide. A life simulation by Marvelous Studios, Story of the Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town puts you in the shoes of a farmer in the village of Oliville who has to restore the place and let the village prosper. In our complete guide to Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, we explain how to get started with this management game. At the start of your “History of the Seasons: Pioneers of the Olive City” adventure, you will have to perform various actions at the start of the game that will determine the rest of your game.

The difficulty and your character

You have to choose your level of difficulty first. Normal mode offers a classic difficulty level suitable for players who have played Story of Seasons in the past. Push mode offers an easier level of difficulty for beginners. Items are sold to you cheaper and you sell them for more, your energy will decrease more slowly with tools in your farm and you will level up faster. Then you can customize your character: appearance, eyes, hair, clothes. You can also choose the color of your scooter. Finally, you will be asked to choose your name, birthday, gender you would like to play and the name of your farm. Note that once you have started your game, you will not be able to change any of these last parameters!

Gather resources

On your first outing, collect as much wood as you can by chopping trees with your ax, stones and ore by breaking them with your hammer, and grass by cutting tall grass with your sickle. The stones and ore will be very useful in the rest of the game, the herbs are only used to restore a building.

Discover your immediate surroundings

Around your farm, you can collect fruit that was grown before you arrived to make fresh money, restore the chicken coop, and tame your first hen.

Go to town and meet your first friends

Go to Oliville and meet the different residents of the village. It is important first for the person you are planning to romanticize in the future, but also to gather several resources that will help you in the future. Fishing Rod: You can get it by going to Marcos’ house in the southeast of the village. Camera: Go to the museum in the north of the village. Leash: Once you’ve expanded your home, go to the pet store.

Go to rest

At the end of the day, don’t forget to come home to rest. If you starve, you will lose some of the resources found during the day and wake up the next day with only half your maximum energy. If necessary, don’t hesitate to eat fruit to regain some energy. Summary of the Complete Guide to the History of the Seasons: Olive Town Pioneers By MoahRikunel, writing from MP