New Pokémon Snap Preview: A promising foretaste of Nintendo Switch exclusivity on Switch

Preview: New Pokémon Snap: A Promising Taste for the Exclusive Nintendo Switch Switch More than twenty years after fans of photography and pocket monsters became enthusiastic, the Pokémon Snap license is back with the “spiritual sequel,” New Pokémon Snap, released on May 30th April, exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Despite the years, the concept remains unchanged: it’s still about drawing the portrait of the famous creatures in a kind of carriage that advances by itself. But there are a lot of new things in the game. We were able to find out more during a preview. New Pokémon Snap – Our preview in less than 3 minutes Preview conditions: For this preview, we were shown an annotated gameplay video of around 20 minutes during an online event. After that, we asked Nintendo representatives a few questions to find out more. If you had Nintendo 64 back then, chances are a certain Pokémon Snap crept into your collection. Along with Stadium and Tournament, these are the only iterations of the license developed by Bandai Namco. So it is the Japanese team that is working on this work again, which is referred to as the “spiritual sequel”. The ingredients are the same (we are always faced with a “railroad photographer” where we take photos on a predefined path) without any direct connection to the base episode. She starts right away with the part of the game, specifically the Lentis Islands Created for New Pokémon Snap. A corner of the world that contains multiple ecosystems, from forest to desert, including the ocean. As part of this preview, we could only see the level dedicated to the beach, which is available in two versions, day and night. Other areas also have an alternate version with different Pokémon depending on the time of day. At the moment we don’t know the exact number of levels to get back to that of the beach. We were enchanted by the atmosphere of the places, very colorful and nicely decorated, but still with a little detail. It must be said that the Pokémon present (200 in total and drawn from several generations) have a lot to do with it because they are well modeled and animated. There is therefore a certain fascination with observing these creatures in their natural state and obviously photographing them. New Pokémon Snap – Little Walk on the Beach (Gameplay)

In the box

Because, like in the 1999 episode, the goal of New Pokémon Snap is to take a whole bunch of pictures. Photos that are also limited – just over 70 for what we could see – so as not to make it easy for the player. So you have to wait for the right moment before pulling the trigger because at the end of each level you will have to present your best pictures to Professor Mirror, who is leading the ecological study you participated in. The scientist then assesses you on the basis of several criteria: the posture of the Pokémon being photographed, its size in the picture, whether it is facing you or not, or its position in the frame. The more successful the photo, the more points you will get. The more points you earn, the more you increase your level of research and open up new areas. Aside from your framing sense, you can also rely on several objects to get the most beautiful shots, namely apples, balls of light, and a device for playing a tune. Everything will likely trigger certain behaviors in Pokémon (one creature that bends down to eat the fruit, another that starts dancing, etc.). These micro-events are at the center of the fun of Pokémon Snap and encourage the player to experiment, but also to observe: the posture of a monster can indicate the use of a certain object and why not lead to an unexpected reaction, like a live evolution, as in the original episode. The glowing spheres only seem to have an aesthetic effect. The latter, also known as the “Illumina phenomenon”, will also be at the center of the New Pokémon Snap story, unfortunately without further details.

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And Pokémon aren’t the only ones hiding things, as the levels themselves can hold secrets, like a bush that hides a suspicious sound or even a new branch that opens the way for new creatures. All these details can be discovered with the scanner (which from time to time can also influence the behavior of the animals) and under the condition of a relatively high level of research. While we haven’t had the chance to take control of the game, New Pokémon Snap’s levels seem to be tight, with an emphasis on replayability. New Pokémon Snapshot – We’re Personalizing a Photo (Gameplay) To encourage you to return to areas you’ve already visited, the Bandai Namco title integrates a community platform where players can share their best shots, others rate them and possibly highlight their creation (Competitions can also be held to determine the best photo of Pikachu, for example. Everything comes with a full customization system that allows you to crop, filter, or even put stickers on the image. The primary goal of the platform is to create a To create exchanges between players and to arouse curiosity about the presence of this or that creature in a level. A good idea that could have the opposite effect and spoil the pleasure of discovery. We are waiting for the game to react. Our impressions Am At the end we were thrilled by this foretaste of New Pokémon Snap, which the very good P seems to sublime from the original opus. The player must therefore always show observation and initiative to identify the most beautiful poses and trigger them in order to get as many points as possible. All in a successful visual environment conducive to escape and amazement. The icing on the cake is this community platform where budding photographers can share and personalize their creations, but also discover creatures they may have overlooked. It remains to be seen whether this feature won’t detract from the enjoyment of discovery, and whether New Pokémon Snap holds enough secrets to keep interest alive over time. Reply April 30th. Journalist March 24, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.