It takes two: an essential co-op game – video review

It Takes Two Test Videos: A Must-Have Co-op Game If you’re looking for a fun game to do with friends in these dire times, Takes Two could be critical to your game library. Developed by Hazelight Studio and available on all platforms except the Switch, is this adventure only playable in the local co-op or online mode we’ve been waiting for?


When Cody and May, the game’s two heroes, have everything they need to be happy, their relationship struggles. After the two protagonists announced the divorce for their daughter Rose, they are put into a miniature version of themselves in their own home. In an effort to regain her human form and save her marriage as well, a somewhat bizarre and hysterical marriage counselor, Doctor Hakim, asks her to work together in a number of settings linked to her family memories. Without being the best-written game, It Takes Two is still sometimes touching and especially regularly funny. The characters are crazy, funny, and super adorable, and finally, we want to know how our two heroes can pick up the pieces and become human again. In short, it’s not the romantic comedy of the year, but it’s refreshing and very entertaining, we weren’t expecting much more.

Style of play

So how does it work? It’s very simple: from the start of the game, everyone chooses one of the two characters they want to play. From there the screen will separate and you can start an adventure. One of the game’s great strengths is its diversity. There is of course a platformer base throughout the title, but you have the option of playing very different sequences that are linked together at a breakneck pace without repeating too much. Rail shooters, hack’n slash, boss fights, environmental puzzles, mini-games … the creativity of the game is insane. It will almost always be necessary to show the coordination with your partner, cooperation is essential here and does not make the figure. Communication is therefore essential, but it is not necessary to expect a challenge to be accepted for so much. The point is not that it takes two. Death is never a punishable offense and if either player passes the gun to the left while the other is alive, you can return to the game. So yeah, someone who has never touched a controller before. His life will be difficult to survive. Sequences that require a little skill, but amateur gamers can indulge in the whole game with pleasure too.


The biggest challenge for a game of this type is to offer an adventure that is long enough to keep players happy and avoid repetition. It’s very simple: it takes two without breaking an eyelid. The 7 chapters guide you in environments with a very strong identity. Garage workbench, snow-capped mountains, underwater passage, children’s room … the game, which is intended as a kind of “treasure, I’ve shrunk the kids”, is generous in content and will keep you busy for about 12 hours and combine sequences with real fluidity. It also impresses with the multitude of discoveries it uses to adapt its mechanics to the environment in question. When viewed individually, the puzzles have already been seen elsewhere, are perfectly integrated here and adapted to the adventure so that you never get bored and It Takes Two reserves every share of surprises at every level. We can only scold a camera a little, very rarely poorly placed or sometimes dispensable mini-games, but not enough to pout its amusement. And the last detail that is important is that if you want to play online, all you have to do is buy a copy of the game to do with a friend. It will be enough to invite him and the game can be fully played. Despite everything, if you can, opt for the local, it is really for this style of gaming that the game was designed.


If that’s not exactly what you’re looking for in a game like this, It Takes Two came up with a brilliant idea of ​​being great. The quality of the textures, the lighting or simply the artistic excellence that the levels testify make the game a real feast for the eyes. But the characters themselves are not left out. They have all benefited from exemplary design and animation that make them very expressive even if they are made of clay and wood. All of this together add to the almost constant miracle of the game, as the shape is not only well thought out and original, but also does justice to the substance.


The game is not only a feast for the eyes, but also a feast for the ears. In addition to very good musical compositions, the vocal casting is of high quality. The cutscenes like the dialogues during the action scene wouldn’t be ashamed of an animated film. Unfortunately not everything in this world is perfect and only the VOSTFR is offered. If that’s okay during the cutscenes, non-English speakers may miss the delicious exchanges between Cody and May during the action scenes, and those exchanges are very numerous. It’s a little unfortunate, but not detrimental to understanding the story. It Takes Two is therefore a must for the start of the year, a breath of fresh air in co-op play. Funny, adorable, full of surprises and good ideas, Hazelight’s game is a refreshing break that puts teamwork back at the center of the gaming experience. When fans of the challenge may not find their account and only minor flaws damage the table, it’s difficult to miss the game when you want ten days of fun with family or friends. For all of these reasons, we give a score of 18/20. By [87], Journalist MPTwitter