History of the Seasons Guide: What to Do on Day Two and Three? Our leader

News tip History of the seasons, guide: What to do on the second and third day? Our Guide Once you get in touch with Story of Seasons: Pioneers of the Olive City, you will have a wide variety of goals to complete. We present them to you in our complete guide. Your first day, Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town, condenses and offers a variety of tasks that we describe in our complete guide to Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town.

Start farming and make money

The Mayor of Oliville will send you a hoe, a watering can and you can restore the well on your farm. Since farming and shipping resources are your main source of resources, you can do relatively intensive farming. If you have money don’t hesitate to buy seeds in town. Also, put any items you don’t want / need in the box at the entrance to your farm so they can be sold.

Craftsmen to make your life easier

By making items, you can create machines or other utensils that can help you. Others are purely cosmetic: Wooden Road: Wood x 1 Wooden Fence: Wood x2 Wooden Gate: Wood x3 Stone Road: Stone x3 Stone Fence: Stone x4 Stone Gate: Stone x5 Framing Machine: Wood x20 – Allows you to have a wood every two hours against 3 wooden cord: Grass x 5 Ingot Machine: Iron Ore x 10 + Wood x10 – Allows you to have iron ingots for 5 iron ores every two hours. Storage box in stone: stone x 50 Wire machine: string x 10 + wood x10 Food balls: food x10 Ring: silver bar x5 + ruby ​​x1 Storage box made of wood: wood x 5 Medallion: silver bar x 10 + sapphire x1 Small bait fish: basic bait x3 + herbs x4 Mayonnaise machine: wood x 3 + iron ingot x3 iron road: iron ore x1 iron fence: iron ore x 2 iron gate: iron ore x3 torch: wood x 1 + juice x1 cement: clay x 2 roof road nt: clay x1 cement fence: clay x 2 cement gate: clay x 3 Textile machine: wire x3 + iron ingot x5 Round chair: cloth x3 + wood x5 + red pigment x1 squid bait: ground bait x5 + herbs x4 sprinkler: ingot x5 + silver ingot x3 powder machine: silver ingot x3 perfume machine: silver ingot x3 + glass ingot x5 thanks to the different machines it is possible to have material and resources in abundance. So it is recommended that you have multiple of these at a time to get most of the resources very early in your adventure. Note that the storage boxes allow you to sort your inventory due to its small size.

Complete quests to make the city grow

Talking to the people of Oliville can help you grow the city and make it more attractive to tourists. You can also prioritize the mayor’s inquiries as these give the city the greatest prestige.

Receive rewards for your titles

Visiting the Oliville Town Hall will allow you to collect rewards for the different titles that you will receive during the adventure. It can be bars, seeds or various cosmetic items. You can also get medals from the city that do nothing but make money. Also Read: History of the Seasons: Olive Town’s Pioneers Full Guide Summary By MoahRikunel, writing by MP

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