Auto Chess Trailer for PlayStation 5

Auto Chess Trailer for PlayStation 5 Originally released in 2019, Auto Chess is releasing a new version, but this time for PlayStation 5. The title Dragonest will be released in less than a week to mark the start of the 11th season of the game. Emerging from a modified version of Dota 2, Auto Chess has (incidentally) established itself as one of the references of the Auto Battler (TFT). Experience the connections on different consoles: after the PC, the PlayStation 4, iOS and Android, the title is about to be released on PS5. Dragonest, developer of the game, announced the news in a blog post. Auto Chess will be available on the next-generation console from March 30th, leveraging the innovations brought in by the console, such as SSD and haptic feedback. Auto Chess is already available for PC, PS4, iOS and Android. It will be released on PlayStation 5 on March 30th. By Charlanmhg, Writing MPTwitter