Valheim corrects and balances out with a new update

Spielnachrichten Valheim corrects and balances out with a new update. With six million copies sold, Valheim can calmly contemplate the following events that will lead him to its 1.0 release. This road is obviously littered with pitfalls, but also with updates. Today Iron Gate released update 0.148.6, which is slightly larger than the previous ones. This patch focuses on correcting and correcting errors and does not contain any significant changes in content. For this you have to wait for Hearth and Home, which shouldn’t take long. So for today we have: Bonfires, bonfires and fire pits take damage when they are inflicted. The reinforced stock of the chest has been increased to 6×4. Now all the drop bosses are floating. Fixed an issue preventing players from entering the crypts. The rotation of the wooden tower on item shelves has been fixed. The drop rate of Drakes and Morstic trophies has been increased. Health points for 1 and 2 star creatures have been fixed. Wolves that appear at night should be easier to tame. Harpoon no longer works on bosses. The console is now disabled by default (add “console”) To enable it, right click on the game via Steam, option and launch and enter “-console”. To activate commands and cheat codes you now have to enter devcommands and no longer imacheater. Improved enemy projectile response system. Ax of War e (more easily hits multiple opponents). Fixed stone towers in the Black Forest. Fixed comfort calculation. Fixed “Connection Failed” message. Fixed an issue with Sea Serpent trophies. Fixed problem with moderate position. Fixed problem with Megingjord belt. Added a slight delay when using the cultivator, hoe and hammer. Improved handling of network bandwidth. Fixed dungeons. It is now possible to use the Update Server button before the entire list has loaded. The deletion of an element from the element support has been fixed, where statistics are not always synchronized by object.Better. Incorrect connection detection. Fixed an issue where the server was sending more data than it could connect to the client. Translation updates. By MalloDelic, journalist MP