The services will be closed on PlayStation!

Column Services will be closed on PlayStation! The ninth generation consoles have been arriving a few months ago and the transition will gradually begin. According to the latest rumors, Sony is preparing to close stores for PS3, PSP and PS Vita this summer. Salomé returns to it in this second newspaper of the day. The new PlayStation 5 has not been available for a few months, but the problems of bottlenecks are preventing a smooth transition. Many gamers can’t get their hands on the precious computer just yet, and Sony predicts bad news for owners of old and portable consoles. According to the latest rumors, it will no longer be possible to buy dematerialized games on these platforms.

On the way to the next generation?

The information comes from a reliable but unofficial source. Online stores for PS3, PSP and PS Vita will close their doors this summer. Sony is expected to make the official announcement at the end of March. The PSP and PS3 deadline ends July 2nd, while Vita owners have until August 27th to purchase digital games. A rumor that needs to be confirmed by the Japanese company, but one that must worry players. Review of this morning’s newspaper: PS5: The backup transfer is a problem.