Summoners War: Jiraya and Junpei Return for the Second Awakening of 2020!

Summoners War game news: Jiraya and Junpei return for the Second Awakening of 2020! Summoners War: Sky Arena is an incredibly rich and ever-changing mobile experience. With its regular updates, this benchmark RPG gets new characters every month ready to join your team. This week, Jiraya and Junpei return to the Second Awakening of 2020, their apparitions, and their statistics. Return to the three families updated with the arrival of Khalderun, namely the Griffins, Howls, and Mowers. What new units do you want to keep under these sets? Our two specialists are here to enlighten you. In the next video, Jiraya and Junpei will come back to the Tricaru phenomenon, a real scourge of PVP since its arrival. Download Summoners War for free on iOS and Android