Sony / PlayStation: Change in management

Sony / PlayStation news business: A change in management In anticipation of the launch of the PS5, Sony has reshuffled management, in particular promoting Jim Ryan to head Sony Interactive Entertainment and Herman Hulst to manage PlayStation studios. Today Sony announces new changes. In a statement released today, Sony announced that former SIE President John Kodera will join Sony Group Corporation in “the next chapter of his career at Sony”. The group also announces that Kazuhiro Takeda, CFO, will leave the company to retire after 40 years of career. He is replaced by Lin Tao as director and vice president of finance. Hideaki Nishino, who was previously responsible in the company, was promoted and will take care of network management, research and development, design and strategy “in addition to managing product development and platforms”. The latter has been with Sony since 2000 and has contributed to the development of “many innovations in the development of PS4 and PS5 products”. This fact that Sony will consolidate its leadership group on the board of directors and Lin Tao will join a group of Jim Ryan, Takeshi Shibata who will also become director, and Masayasu Ito who will take on the role of assistant director. Finally, it should be noted that Michael Pattison, who is currently responsible for third party relationships, is being promoted to senior vice president of planning and platform management. His manager will therefore be Hideaki Nishino, but he will be based out of his London office, where he has been based for more than seven years. By MalloDelic, journalist MP