Shai: Power of Nature Trailer is coming to Black Desert Mobile

Shai: Power of Nature Trailer Comes to Black Desert Mobile Equivalent to Black Desert Online on mobile. Black Desert Mobile, released in December 2019, welcomes a new class: the lovable yet powerful Shai. Shai was customizable for the most impatient gamers for a few days starting Tuesday, March 23rd. It is true that at first glance she does not look like a face: small, with a cute appearance, the figure from the woods of Florin is nevertheless an impressive fighter who knows how to take enemies by allowing herself to be surprised. Equipped with the “Vitclari” lantern, which contains the power of nature, as well as a giant boomerang called “Florang”, she can fight at medium range and prevent enemies from approaching her while she protects her allies with the help of healing abilities and spells . Shai is therefore a very versatile fighter who is able to take care of herself but also lead her team to victory. Black Desert Mobile has been available for iOS and Android since December 11, 2019. By Rob_Bellamy, MPTwitter editor of