Serious Sam 4: Mods are accessible

Serious Sam 4 Game News: Mods Are Available Serious Sam 4 launched on September 24th and marks the return of the license after many years of absence. Unfortunately, the title has been lukewarm reviewers even if the players seem to be there. For them, the Croteam today announces the addition of many tools dedicated to modding and compatibility with the Steam Workshop. All tools are built into the Serious Editor 2021 and allow players to create their own content. An important moment for Davor Hunski, director of the Serious Sam 4 project: modders have always been the backbone of our community and have pushed the boundaries of Serious Sam games with crazy modifications of all shapes and sizes. Some of the total conversion mods we’ve played are particularly impressive and have helped keep our games alive for years. We can’t wait to see what the modding community has in store for Serious Sam 4, including a new terrain editor, improved combat systems, vehicle support, and more. All scripting tools have been updated. By MalloDelic, journalist MP