PS5: Backup transfer is problematic

PS5 Chronicle: Backup Transfer is a Problem For several days now, transferring data from PS4 to PS5 has been a much criticized element. Indeed, the publication of the manipulation that must be followed in order to transfer his data from Marvel’s Avengers, which seems tedious to arouse the anger of the players. Tiraxa comes back to it in this first newspaper of the day. The problem of handling cross-generic games with the PS5 has been pointed out by users in the past few days. Marvel’s Avengers players have found they need to manually transfer their PS4 saves to the PS5. The game’s Twitter account posted the following manipulations which turn out to be painful. Indeed, gamers need to have the PS4 version with the latest updates installed on their console. A Backup Migration tab may appear on the main menu.

A process that is considered unnecessarily long

This Backup Migration tab allows you to upload your game backup to a server. Players will then be prompted to download it again on PS5. Forbes reporter Paul Tassi complained on Twitter that his backup could not be restored due to a cloud problem. This isn’t the first time this process has been used, but in addition to Xbox Smart Delivery that allows you to automatically restore your backups, it’s considered unnecessarily long and far from practical. By Wuzi_, writing from MP

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