Good plan for Rick and Morty: the t-shirt + mug for € 9.99

How would you like to have an affair with old Rick? Or maybe not, after all, you might have a parasite that puffs up your stomach, a parasite that multiplies and only brings back your best memories (wrong, of course), etc. A t-shirt and mug will be pretty good, and that we offer you for € 9.99.

Zavvi good deal: the t-shirt + mug bundle for € 9.99

The Adventures of Rick and Morty, the Adult Swim series, came with a bang in 2013 and is captivating with its searing humor and originality. The cruel situations the two protagonists find themselves in are legion and keep getting worse (never try to understand the squirrels, never!). Zavvi currently offers a package that includes a t-shirt and mug. All prices are € 9.99 with the code RICKMORTY. You will find this selection in the colors of the series references that will appeal to enthusiasts. From Mr. Minion to Rick the Simple to Solenya, you can swing anything you want with a mug worthy of the Smith family. Buy the t-shirt + mug bundle for € 9.99 with the code RICKMORTY at Zavvi. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner MP