Fortnite x Rocket League: Earn rewards in both games with the Llama-Rama event

Fortnite x Rocket League Game News: Earn rewards in both games with the Llama Rama event. Towards the end of season two of the Rocket League, Epic Games plans to deliver an explosive finale with a new llama-rama event, Fortnite Days.
From March 25th (5pm) to April 9th ​​(10pm), Rocket League players will be able to complete a series of challenges to unlock new rewards such as the Royal Umbrella Wheels and DJ Llama accessories, as well as rewards in Fortnite. A simple connection during the event also allows you to receive the ME Llama Hat.

A cascade concert in Fortnite

At the same time, a new cascade bundle for 1000 credits will be available in the Item Shop. It includes the Slayer-inspired Octane and Dominus stickers, two sets of cascade wheels (orange and cobalt), and the music “Miles To Go” in the player anthem. Kaskade will also perform his new EP “Reset” on March 27th on the main stage of the Royal Party in Fortnite at the following times: 1am, 2pm and 7pm. Following the show, the trailer for the third season of the Rocket League will be released. Below is a full list of the Llama Rama event challenges and associated rewards. CHALLENGE 1: AS A DJ AS A LAMA Description: Play three online games Reward in Fortnite: Aerosol Spray Balloon Reward in the Rocket League: DJ Llama Accessories CHALLENGE 2: LAMA THAT CHARDS EVEN MORE BELLS Description: Get 500 total points in online Play Fortnite Reward: Llama-Rama Loading Screen Reward in Rocket League: Anthem of Llama Bell Player CHALLENGE 3: MORE LAMA THAN LAMA Description: Score five goals, assists or saves in online games. Fortnite Reward: Music Make Everyone Dance ! Reward in Rocket League: DJ Llama Sticker CHALLENGE 4: ROYAL UMBRELLA Description: Get five parades and centers in online games Reward in Fortnite: Spike Coating from Speed ​​Reward in Rocket League: Wheels Royal Umbrella CHALLENGE 5: ADDITIONAL ORDINARY Description : Win a game in one of the additional modes Reward in Fortnite: Back Accessories Turbo Ball Reward in the Rocket League: Extraordinary player title CHALLENGE 6: EVERYTHING FOR VICTORY (REWARD SPECIFIC FOR THE ROCKET LEAGUE) Description: 10 win online games (can be repeated Reward in the Rocket League: 20,000 EXP By Clementoss, writing by MPTwitter