Awesome Atomic Heart Trailer shows the 4K photo mode

Trailer The impressive Atomic Heart shows its photo mode in 4K. Announced by Mundfish in 2018, Atomic Heart will take the form of an uchronic FPS in the USSR. Discreetly, the title now offers a brand new trailer dedicated to the photo mode. Atomic Heart takes the opportunity to remind ourselves that it has real technical ambitions that we should discover by the end of the year. In this video, the game team takes some 4K real-time footage showing the characters’ skin up close, their gear, and the various effects. Unfortunately, the various editing parameters are not shown there and you will have to be patient to know how we can change our photos. As a reminder: The players play as a KGB agent in a fictional USSR and have to find out why the machines of a research factory turned against humanity. By MalloDelic, journalist MP