Asus a lot: -38% on the M3 gaming mouse

Amazon is currently offering a discount on the Asus gaming mouse, the Asus TUF Gaming M3. In addition to combining the characteristics of games, it has a not negligible customizable aspect.

Amazon a lot: the Asus TUF Gaming M3 mouse

Asus developed the TUF Gaming M3 with the aim of offering both an accessible mouse that can be modulated according to current requirements. Therefore, it is designed to be suitable for both “claw grips” and “fingertip grips” and is suitable for first-person shooters as well as other games. Buy the Asus TUF Gaming M3 mouse for € 24.99 instead of € 39.99 on Amazon

The features of the Asus TUF Gaming M3 mouse

This Asus mouse contains an optical sensor that enables pixel-perfect tracking of up to 7,000 DPI. Thanks to the two special mouse buttons, you can adjust the DPI to your needs, so that you can choose on a scale from 200 to 7000 DPI. The TUF Gaming M3 is designed to last. The main buttons are designed to withstand at least 20 million clicks. In addition, the TUF Gaming M3 is a wired mouse that is equipped with 7 programmable buttons. Thanks to this function, you can design this device according to your needs and wishes. Finally, Asus has equipped this mouse with Aura Sync RGB lighting as well as access to the Armory II software, which allows you to configure all the features of this new peripheral device. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner MP