Resident Evil Village: A New Presentation Announced by Capcom

Game News Resident Evil Village: New Presentation Announced by Capcom The Resident Evil license is celebrating its 25th anniversary in Japan today, and Capcom made several announcements to mark the occasion. In addition to announcing the beta dates for Resident Evil Re: Verse, Resident Evil Village PC configurations, and the title announcement on Stadia, we’ll learn how a new storefront will be held. Capcom announces on its official website that it will take place in April without giving the exact date. We currently have no idea what Capcom will present as the publisher wanted to keep this a secret. However, it is possible that we have some pointers ahead of the event as we are invited to monitor the various social networks of the license. As a reminder, Resident Evil Village will take us to the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, a village where legends seem to mix with reality. Pre-order Resident Evil Village at FNAC By MalloDelic, Journalist MP