PS5 Promo: Dualsense charging station at the best price

The DualSense charging station for PS5 is currently available at the best market price at Boulanger and Cdiscount. We are aware that the price displayed by the fnac is actually the normal price for this accessory. However, due to the lack and lack of reorders for PlayStation 5 and its accessories, prices have risen sharply. The average price of a charging station is currently over € 60! While the fnac has increased the price of these accessories, Cdiscount has stocks that are currently being sold at the best market price. Buy the Dualsense PS5 charging station for € 29.99. Buy the Dualsense PS5 charging station for € 33.13

An effective accessory

PS5 reorders are now welcome in France, but also around the world. This deficiency affects all high-tech and entertainment industries. PS5 accessories are not immune to this situation. PlayStation Pulse headsets, charging stations, and other official brand accessories are available in limited quantities today. The effect is immediate, prices rise. We welcome this offer at fnac with a smile! If you are looking for a PS5, don’t forget to check out our article dedicated to machine refilling! Also read: By jameson30, journalist MP