PS Competition Center: Understand Custom Tactics in FIFA 21?

PS Competition Center Game News: Understand Custom Tactics in FIFA 21? Since the Playstation Competition Center was set up, it has been very easy to take part in online tournaments. Before you can enter the FIFA 21 FUT Open series on PS4, you need to understand the custom tactics. In this article we introduce and explain what Custom Tactics is and what it is for in FIFA 21. This is a part of team management that many players do not take seriously and which is nevertheless very important for the attitude of your team. The field Eight parameters have to be defined: three for the defensive part and five for the offensive part. First you need to define a defensive style of play (belaying, balancing, pressing after losing the ball, etc.). Then the depth, which affects how high your team pushes the opponent. But also the width of your defense block. Regarding the offensive part, you also need to define a style of play (long ball, fast construction, etc.). There is also the width setting that allows you to position your team on the pitch, depending on whether you prefer more axial play or use more sides of the pitch. The last three offensive game settings let you choose how many people you want in the box at crosses, corners and free kicks. Any of these settings allow you to completely change the face and face of your eleven players on the field of play. With this article, you’ve just learned the basics of custom tactics for FIFA 21 and FUT 21. You can now customize your roster to measure the measure of your opponents. When you are ready to compete against the best European players in the FIFA 21 Open Series FUT, all you have to do is click the link below to enter the competition! I register for the FIFA 21 FUT Open Series in the PlayStation Competition Center