Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War are removing the NecroKing package due to bugs

Game News Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War remove NecroKing Pack due to errors Immediately after deployment, the NecroKing Pack was removed from the Call of Duty Warzone and Black branches due to numerous errors caused by the Ultra Weapons Blueprint for Ops Cold War removes the Krig 6 in the form of an ice dragon. After the R1 Shadowhunter crossbow case, a new item is being withdrawn from the Call of Duty game stores. Yesterday, on Sunday March 21st, a new package called NecroKing Mastercraft appeared in the store of Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which was sold for 2400 COD points or around 17 €. In ruins, this bundle contained skins for vehicles, a clock for operators, NecroKing stickers, a spell in the form of dragon claws, etc. However, the centerpiece was mainly the Ice Drake skin for the Krig 6, which turns the weapon into an ice dragon that Can flap wings and create many visual effects. However, the players quickly realized that the skin was causing effects. Lots of bugs in Warzone, such as showing the wrong barrel of your weapon without emitting a blue glow when sometimes the cosmetic element just didn’t appear on the weapon. So, given these many issues, Activision decided to remove the bundle from the game, but suggested that those who already bought it choose the ultra-light 16.5 barrel instead of the standard barrel of the gun in order to address most of these issues to solve. Additionally, according to several Reddit users, the other items in the package seem to be causing other issues too, adding to the anger in the Call of Duty community. We are aware of the Warzone-specific issues with the NecroKing bundle when the standard barrel is activated, the “Ice Drake” blueprint. Currently attaching the 16.5-inch ultralight barrel fixes this issue. The bundle will be temporarily removed from the Warzone Store while this is being resolved. – Activision Support (@ATVIAssist) March 21, 2021 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone By TheXsable information, writing from MP