Battlefield 6 could be unveiled in May, according to Jeff Grubb

The news game Battlefield 6 could be presented in May, according to Jeff Grubb. Confirmed in April 2020, Battlefield 6 is very discreet at the moment. We only know that the title is in development at DICE and Criterion, but also that it should be released this year. However, depending on what Jeff Grubb got from VentureBeat, Battlefield 6 could be released to the public sometime in May. When asked by a viewer during a podcast, the journalist stated that the title is “likely” to be released in the coming weeks and that he understood that EA was “targeting the month of May”. The latter is therefore taking all the necessary precautions as the studios and EA have not officially announced anything. We’ll do the same, but the whole thing seems believable enough to pass the information on, especially since EA announced a full presentation back in the spring. Jeff Grubb also states that development is going very well according to his sources and that the focus right now is on presenting the game. By MalloDelic, journalist MP