According to The Gamer, the PlayStation: PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores will close this summer

PlayStation game news: The PS3, PS Vita and PSP stores would close this summer, according to The Gamer. According to sources close to these platforms, consulted and verified by TheGamer website, the PS3, PlayStation Portable and PS Vita stores should close their doors this summer, July for the first two and August for the one last portable console from Sony. If this information is verified, it will be an important page in the PlayStation history. In an article published today, The Gamer claims that the PlayStation Store will no longer be accessible for PS3, PS Vita and PlayStation Portable starting this summer. In detail, the PS3 and PSP stores should close on July 2nd and PS Vita stores on August 27th. However, according to his sources, these announcements should be made by the end of the month. Since, as usual, these are not official statements that come directly from Sony, all this information should be included with a grain of salt as long as the main interested party has not yet responded. As a reminder, with the new version of PlayStation Store for browsers and phones, you haven’t been able to buy games on PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP since last October, as have applications, themes and avatars on PS4. All of this quoted content has since had to be purchased in the console version of the store. Also note that the PlayStation Store is no longer available on PSP as of March 2016. From TheXsable, writing from MP