Summoners War: Here’s how to get the most out of DOTs in PvE

Summoners War Game News: Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of DOTs In PvE Poison. You’re in the spotlight again in Summoners War mobile RPG. And that’s exactly the theme of Jiraya and Junpei’s new tutorial video. The Summoner Duo explains how to get the most out of the DOT meta in PvE. DOT, Kezako? It’s short for Damage Over Time. The latter specifically refers to debuffs that allow you to automatically deal damage every turn. And since the arrival of Reaper Sath’s second awakening, that mechanic has gained strength in PVE. And for good reason, Sath has a liability that doubles the effects of those debuffs like poison. This meta is great for getting those enemies’ health points to drop quickly, but it’s not flawless, as Jiraiya and Junpei demonstrated in this new video. Speaking of Sath, our two players are preparing for their next video little recap of the monsters that have also benefited from a second awakening in 2020. And some clearly deserve their place on your team! Download Summoners War for free on iOS and Android