Red Candle Games (Devotion) is teasing its next production

Game News Red Candle Games (Devotion) Teases Its Next Production If you’re new to RedCandle Games, you may have heard of the controversy surrounding Devotion, the studio’s newest horror production. In 2019, the studio released Devotion, a horror game set in Taiwan. However, gamers quickly realized that an in-game poster openly mocked the Chinese president. The studio quickly apologized and referred to a temporary asset, but it was already too late. In the picture you could especially read “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh Idiot”, which immediately sparked passions and Winnie was banned in China. The title disappeared from online shops a few days after its release and only recently appeared on the studio’s official website. Obviously the case didn’t condemn RedCandle, who is now teasing his next project. This is going to move away from terrible 3D and provide a 2D adventure that we don’t know about right now. We just know that development is underway. Therefore, one has to patiently know which platforms the title is arriving on, which online shops it is sold on, and simply take note of the name. About RedCandle Games By MalloDelic, journalist MP